Teddy Bear Auctions
Teddy Bear Auctions


Vectis is the world’s leading auction house for teddy bears and associated items.

We can buy or auction your teddy bear collection here at Vectis Auctions, the World’s largest collectable toy specialist! From a single bruin to a hug of thousands, as the industry experts, Vectis can ensure your collection gets the right home.

Contact us today on 01642 750 616 or email: collections@vectis.co.uk

We can handle all types of bears including

Modern and Limited Edition Bears - Steiff, Charlie Bears, Merrythought, Deans, Hermann, Hermann- Spielwaren, R John Wright, Robin Rive.

Vintage Bears - Chad Valley, Chiltern, Steiff, Deans Rag Book, Farnell, Bing, Hermann, Merrythought

Artist -  Portobello, Robin der Bar, Bear Bits, Gregory Bears, Three O’Clock Bears, Forget-Me-Not-Bears, Hovvigs, Dufeu to name just a few

Bear Making supplies – Mohair, viscose, fabrics, patterns, joints, eyes and more.

Leading the way in the auction industry for over 30 years, our team of experts are ready to catalogue your teddy bear collection and achieve the best prices possible. Our full colour catalogues are available online to our worldwide audience. The Vectis dedicated marketing team will promote your collection at no additional cost and our in-house packing team ship all over the world, ensuring your teddy bears arrive at their mew home safe and well.  

Why use Vectis?

  • World record prices, higher than any other auction house
  • We will pack and ship all your items to a global audience
  • Our team of experts; cover all collectable genres
  • Full payment guarantees you against internet fraudsters
  • We will handle any returns or buyer queries
  • One-off commission – no extra lotting fees, photography or marketing fees
  • No collection too small or large
  • Over 30 years’ experience in the collectable toy industry


Whether buying or selling teddy bears, Vectis is the place to come!

Since their arrival, Teddy bears have remained a constant in most households and we have an American President and an inspirational toy designer to thank for their popularity. In 1902, President Franklin Roosevelt refused to shoot a chained bear whilst hunting on a trip in Mississippi, prompting the Washington Post to print a Clifford Berryman cartoon entitled ‘Drawing the line in Mississippi’. An enterprising shop keeper in New York, Morris Michtom offered a handmade bear made by his wife alongside the newspaper in his shop window. It was snapped up straight away which ultimately led to Michtom launching the Ideal Toy Company. At the same time in Europe, Richard Steiff, nephew of the founder of Steiff toys, designed the first jointed bear PB55 based on the real bears in a nearby zoo. The ‘Teddy Bear’ was born.

Today the teddy bear is not only a children’s toy but appeals to young and old and can be seen as a work of art.

Vectis offer something for every type of bear collector and maker.

We auction:

  • teddy bears
  • teddy bear collectables
  • bear making, sewing and craft supplies


Vectis: The Collectable Toy Experts

Vectis hold 6 Dolls and Teddy Bear auctions per year, we cover all eras from antique and vintage to modern. We auction artist dolls and bears, OOAK, clothing and accessories, ephemera; from high end to affordable. Sell your Teddy Bears in a Vectis Auction today!

Consistently achieving the best prices at auction for teddy bears!

Sell your collection with us

Looking to sell? If you have a Dolls and Teddy Bear collection from a single piece to a gathering of thousands, come to the experts, come to Vectis!

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