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Comic Book Auctions

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Vectis is the world's leading auction house for Comics and collectables.

We auction or buy your Comic collection here at Vectis Auctions, the World's largest collectable toy specialist! If you have a Comic collection from a single piece to a room of thousands, come to the experts; come to Vectis to ensure the best possible price!

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We will auction or buy your Comics and collectables, including

Golden Age: 1938 (Action Comics #1 first appearance of Superman) to 1955, Silver Age: 1956 to 1969, Bronze Age: 1970 to 1983, Copper Age: 1984 to 1991, Modern Age: 1992 to date, across all genres, including Superheroes, Action, Adventure, Cartoon, Fantasy, Horror, Humour, Monster, Mystery, Noir, Romance, Science Fiction, Sport, TV & Film, Underground, War and Western.  We auction comic books, graded comic books (CGC), graphic novels and trade paperbacks, price guides (e.g. Overstreet Price Guide) and comic related magazines (e.g. Comics International and Wizard The Guide to Comics) and other related comic ephemera (e.g. figurines, posters, trading cards, and pogs).


We have a team of experts ready to catalogue your Comic collection to achieve the best prices possible. Our full colour catalogues are available online to our worldwide audience and customer database of over 30 years of trading. Our marketing team will promote your collection at no additional cost and our in-house packing team will then ensure your Corgi collectables are sent to their new homes throughout the world.

Why use Vectis?

  • World record prices, higher than any other auction house
  • We will pack and ship all your items to a global audience
  • Our team of experts cover all collectable genres
  • Full payment guarantees you against internet fraudsters
  • We will handle any returns or buyer queries
  • One-off commission – no extra lotting fees, photography or marketing fees
  • No collection too small or large
  • Over 30 years’ experience in the collectable toy industry


Whether buying or selling Comics, Vectis is the place to choose! 


Since their rise in the 1930s, comic books have become an established and much loved storytelling medium and artform.  They’re an immersive form of storytelling that has captivated fans for decades with many of the characters originally created for comics becoming major pop culture icons, widely known outside of the comics industry, through blockbuster movies, TV shows, video games, toys, etc. 

The introduction of the Comics Code Authority in the 1950’s could have killed the industry, but thankfully the medium was revitalised during the 1960’s the ‘Silver Age’ of comics. In the early 1990’s the spectacular trend led to significant growth in the independent comics market (e.g. Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics and Valiant Comics).  More recently and in part as a result of the acquisition of Marvel Comics by Disney, the domination by the ‘big two’ comic companies DC Comics and Marvel Comics is arguably greater now than it has ever been.    

You may only follow the exploits of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman or any of DC’s stable of heroes or you may be a ‘Marvelite’ and follow such heroes as Spider-man, Hulk, Thor or the X-Men.  Whatever your interests, whether you’re an experienced collector or a relative newcomer, comics offer action, adventure and escapism for readers of all ages.


We auction and buy:

  • Golden Age to Modern Age

  • Ungraded and Graded

  • Poor (PR) to Gem Mint (GM) condition

  • Signed Comics, Special Editions and Variant Covers

  • Original Comic Art and Colour Guides

Vectis: The Collectable Toy Experts

Vectis holds regular auctions of Comics within our TV & Film related sales.

Consistently achieving the best prices at auction.

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