Trains & Model Railway Auctions
Trains & Model Railway Auctions


Vectis is the world's leading auction house for trains & model railway collectables.

We auction or buy your trains & model railway collection here at Vectis Auctions, the World’s largest collectable toy specialist! If you have trains or a model railway collection from a single piece to a room of thousands, come to the experts, come to Vectis to ensure the best possible price!

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We will auction or buy your
trains & model railway toys and collectables, including

Hornby, Hornby Dublo, Hornby Railways, Liliput, Lima, Peco, Rivarossi, Tri-ang Hornby, Tri-ang Railways, Wrenn Railways, Trix Twin, Dapol, Graham Farish, Hornby Minitrix (N gauge), Bachmann Branchline, Fleischmann, Heljan, Airfix and many more.

We have a team of experts ready to catalogue your trains & model railway collection to achieve the best prices possible. Our full colour catalogues are available online to our worldwide audience and customer database of over 30 years of trading. Our marketing team will promote your collection at no additional cost and our in-house packing team will then ensure your trains & model railway are sent to their new homes throughout the world.

Why use Vectis?

  • World record prices, higher than any other auction house
  • We will pack and ship all your items to a global audience
  • Our team of experts cover all collectable genres
  • Full payment guarantees you against internet fraudsters
  • We will handle any returns or buyer queries
  • One-off commission – no extra lotting fees, photography or marketing fees
  • Dedicated Marketing Team
  • No collection too small or large
  • Over 30 years’ experience in the collectable toy industry

Whether buying or selling trains & model railway collectables, Vectis is the place to choose!

Model railway has been a popular hobby for generations, and the history of these railways is as rich and diverse as the history of Britain itself. From the earliest days of locomotives, to the modern day model railways have been a popular pastime in Britain.

The earliest model railways were made by the Victorians, who used them to recreate the scenes of the industrial revolution. These early model railways were made from wood and metal, and often featured complex track layouts and intricate scenery. The earliest model railways were often powered by clockwork or live steam, and were often extremely expensive to build.

We auction and buy:

  • Vintage & Modern items
  • All Gauges from N to Gauge 1 and larger
  • Layouts
  • Books, DVDs, magazines
  • Hornby, Bachmann, Athearn, Graham Farish and many others
  • Locomotives & rolling stock
  • Boxed or unboxed trains and sets


Vectis: The Collectable Toy Experts

Vectis hold 12 Model train sales per year, we cover all eras from vintage to modern and in all Gauges. Sales include locomotives, rolling stock, accessories, books, DVDs and train related items


Consistently achieving the best prices at auction for trains & model railway collectables!


Sell your collection with us

Looking to sell? If you have a Model Train collection from a single piece to a gathering of thousands, come to the experts, come to Vectis!
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