Ian Main

Ian Main

Specialist Cataloguer

Ian has worked at Vectis for over 7 years, he specialises in Modern Diecast – post 1970, with key areas being Matchbox Yesteryear & Collectibles. He also values and catalogues Lego, Action Man, Warhammer.

Ian is a collector himself and collects Matchbox Superfast models, his favourite model is a Pre-production colour trial 2b Jeep Hot Rod – metallic blue, with a white base.

He also collects and paints plastic & metal miniatures – Warhammer & similar and he usually has a few Lego models at various stages of completion.

His advice for collecting would be buy two – paint, build, play with one & keep the other mint sealed & untouched.

Ian is a member of various internet & Facebook groups regarding Matchbox models, Warhammer, Lego building.

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