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The TV & Film related sale held on the 31st of May featured large groups of Lego minifigures, baggies, trading cards, loose Lego, accessories and instruction manuals plus sealed box sets and store display. Further items included WWF figures, Star Trek, Lord of The Rings, Smurfs, Masters of The Universe, Thundercats, Action Man, Action Force, and GI Joe. There was a selection of Star Wars items including loose and carded figures, playsets, vehicles and vintage weapons and stickers. The sale also included Pokemon cards, posters, comics, magazines, annuals, graphic novels and DVDs plus a collection of front of house cards, photographs, and programmes, some of which have been autographed by TV and Film stars. 

Thomas Salter vintage The Professionals Action Pack, Near Mint, within Fair to Good opened box. From the personal reference collection of Author Arthur Ward (Crowood Collectors series" TV & Film Toys and Ephemera Action Figures) Published 2007/2020.
Estimate: £40 - £60 Sold For: £380
Kenner Star Wars vintage 3 3/4" figures x fifteen including AT-AT Driver, Rebel Commando, Logray, Rebel Commander, Lando Calrissian, Jawa, B-Wing Pilot, Han Solo, Sand People, Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Rebel Soldier and AT-ST Driver, generally Good to Good Plus, all complete. (15)
Estimate: £150 - £200 Sold For: £420
Kenner Star Wars vintage R2-D2 pop up lightsaber 3 3/4" figure, Excellent to Near Mint complete.
Estimate: £200 - £260 Sold For: £560
Large quantity of Australian Daybill Posters including Any Which Way You can, The Howling, Love Thy Neighbour, Bless This House, The Way of The Dragon, Doctor in Trouble, Carry On Camping and many others, all generally Good to Good Plus (rolled). (qty)
Estimate: £20 - £40 Sold For: £460
Fisher Price Adventure People figures x forty-three including Clawtron, X-Ray Man, X-Ray Woman, Astro Knight, Highway Trooper, Frogman and others, all Mint, within Fair to Good sealed packaging, some duplication. (43)
Estimate: £40 - £60 Sold For: £750
James Bond 007 Moonraker promotional Banner Posters x two, generally Good, both 60"/20". (2)
Estimate: £60 - £80 Sold For: £280
LJN vintage Thundercats Mumm-Ra's Tomb Fortress, generally Good to Good Plus complete, within Fair to Good opened box, includes instructions. Tygra and The Stinger (missing two wings), Fair incomplete. (3)
Estimate: £40 - £60 Sold For: £420
Large quantity of Palitoy Dressed Action Man, Clothing and Accessories including SAS, Arctic Explorer, Pilot, Diver and others generally Good (unchecked for completeness). (qty)
Estimate: £100 - £200 Sold For: £750