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The TV and Film related sale held on the 13th October featured a large collection of Vintage and Modern Star Wars items, including loose and carded figures, accessories and vehicles, plush items, Silver Anniversary Editions, Convention Exclusives and Gentle Giant carded figures. Further items included Transformers, Action Man, Batman, Terrahawks, Harry Potter, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and He-Man. Plus diecast vehicles, Bigtrak, Tomas The Tank and other trains, Funko POP, and vintage games, comics and books. The sale also included Care Bears, My Little Pony, beanie babies and Disney Beanies, posters, and autographed displays.


LGB G Gauge Catalogue No.22184 Disney Mogul Steam Locomotive Sound Collection C K Holiday Edition, with onboard MTS Decoder and a smoke Generator (untested), with instruction Booklet and inner packaging. Appears unused Near Mint to Mint within Fair Plus box.
Estimate: £500 - £700 Sold For: £850
Kenner Star Wars R2-D2 Pop Up Lightsaber vintage 3 3/4" figure, Good Plus to Excellent complete.
Estimate: £120 - £200 Sold For: £320
Large Quantity of Kenner Star Wars vintage 3 3/4" figures including Stormtrooper, Cloud Car Pilot, Power Droid, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Yoda, Han Solo, Jawa, Sand People and other characters, generally Fair to Good, all incomplete, does include some weapons and accessories. (qty)
Estimate: £40 - £80 Sold For: £300
1997 Star Wars Elstree Film Studios Cast & Crew Jacket (size X-Large) and baseball Cap, both Excellent. (2)
Estimate: £70 - £120 Sold For: £300
Kenner Star Wars Droids Cartoon vintage A-Wing Fighter, Excellent complete, within Fair to Good (water damage and creased) opened box, includes instructions and planetary map.
Estimate: £200 - £300 Sold For: £460
Corgi Junior Die-cast vehicles x five including 13 Buck Rogers Starfighter, 2 Blake 7 Liberator, 149 Star Trek The Wrath of Khan Klingon Bird of Prey, 148 Star Trek Vengeance Of Khan Enterprise and 2542 Star Trek twin pack, all Excellent to Near Mint complete, within generally Good sealed packaging. (5)
Estimate: £50 - £70 Sold For: £240
ERTL Die-cast, Blade Runner 1/64 scale Vehicle Gift Set, Mint, within Good Plus sealed packaging. ERTL Die-cast, Airwolf 1/64 scale Vehicle Gift Set, Mint, within Good resealed packaging.
Estimate: £20 - £40 Sold For: £260
Hasbro My Little Pony G1: Year 8 - Rainbow Curl Pony - Rainbow Magic (Ringlet); Playschool Baby Ponies - Baby Pictures, Baby Countalot x 2 (with 1 comb); Year 9 - Rocking Beats Pony - Tuneful, Half Note (with combs); Cookery Ponies - Cherry Sweet, Vanilla Treat (with apron) Europe; Pocket Friends Pony - Jingle Pocket; Activity Club Baby Ponies - Baby Fun & Games (Europe); Teenie Tiny Baby Ponies - Little Honey Pie (with comb). Year 10 - Birthday Pony x 2 (one comb); Europe - 7 Pony Friends - Bright Eyes x 2 (with combs); Bedtime New Born Ponies - Baby Moondream, Baby Stargaze (with bottles); Family Friends - Mummy & Daddy Meadowsweet (with combs), Mummy Berrytown (with comb), Mummy & Daddy Sunbright (with one comb); Princess Sparkle. Year 11 (Europe) - Great Hair Ponies - Ringlets; Surprise Twins Pony Nurse Ponies - Nurse Loveheart (with hat); Surprise Newborn Ponies - Baby Snoozy x 2 (bunny); Bed & Crib Set (missing yellow and blue get well cards + nappies); various ribbons; combs x 3; etc; all unchecked for completeness; Fair to Good; (qty).
Estimate: £40 - £60 Sold For: £950
Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Nintendo Super Mario, Sega Mega Drive Sonic and Tails, Blaze and other collectables: Burger King Pokemon Gold Plated cards + pokeballs x 6 full set; Topps Pokemon trading cards; Pokemon the First Movie bag x 2; Pokemon magazines x 2; Pokemon Pikachu plush 20th Anniversary; Pokemon 20th Anniversary figures - Keldeo + Meloetta; Pokemon - keyrings, Gacha figure collection x 7, misc figs x 11; Pokemon Rement Perfume collection figure; Pokemon Walkers Taz coins; Pokemon game figures; Pokemon Trading Card Game - miscellaneous, including Tempest Gift Box, Elite Trainer Box, Mythical Pokemon Collection, Pokemon World Championships 2016 Shintaro + extra cards + album. Animal Crossing - Amiibo card, poster, gacha x 5, pin badges. Nintendo - Super Mario gacha x 12, VR poster, metal tins x 3, Amiibo case, Mario Kart Banana Cup trophy (from Club Nintendo), Pikmin Plush (from Club Nintendo), Kirby pin, Mario figures x 2 and collectors tin, star magnet, keyring and bags. Minions + Despicable Me 2 Funko Mystery Minis x 5. Rement - Rilakkuma British Teatime, Gudetama Sweets. Yokai Watch figs x 3; Gudetama keyring + phone strap; Nendoroid Petit - Hatsume Miku and Touken Ranbu Online 1st Squad; Cardcaptors Card, Totoro plush and Keyring, Sumiko Gurashi keyring, Japanese figs x 4. Cardcaptors Mei Lin figure. Sega Mega Drive Blaze and Sonic & Tails figures. Rabbids figure, Rabbids card. My Melody bag, Pacman plush, Line Friends plush, Tofu Cute phone holder, tin Pop Pop boat, Choki Ori African Friends, Momiji figure, Kokeshi dolls x 3, Qee Key Chain mystery figure; Sanrio Holly’s Bear stationary set and Angry Birds gacha eraser; Fair to Near Mint, unchecked for completeness; (qty).
Estimate: £30 - £40 Sold For: £620