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Part 2 of the Simon Hope Matchbox Collection is to be held on the 24th of September and features over 400 lots of Matchbox Regular Wheels, including road and racing cars, emergency vehicles, bulldozers and construction vehicles, ships and boats, buses, coaches and trams including rare unlisted stannard code models. Highlights of superb rare models include a 20c Chevrolet Impala Taxi, 23b Berkeley Cavalier Caravan and a 45a Vauxhall Victor; plus, a rare 11a ERF Tanker with green body and gold trim, 15b Rotinoff Super Atlantic Ballast Tractor and a very rare initial/trial run 20a ERF Dropside Lorry.


Matchbox Regular Wheels 20a ERF Dropside Lorry - Stannard Code 1 - pea green body with silver trim, body casting without rear cab brace, metal wheels with flat crimped axles - Mint but does have factory casting flaw to front nearside cab window pillar in Near Mint type B1 box. Very rare initial/trial run, the body mould was very quickly modified to include a brace between the cab & the dropside body for the subsequent full production runs of maroon coloured models.
Estimate: £3000 - £4000
Matchbox Regular Wheels 45a Vauxhall Victor - Stannard Code 1 - red body with silver trim, without dashboard cross brace, matt black base, metal wheels with domed crimped axles - Near Mint with tiny chip to drivers door raised outline and tiny pin size chip to one rear tail-lamp along with minor box rubs to silver trim in Near Mint type B2 box with large model numbers to end flaps (has small minor stain to one picture face). Superb example of this rare model.
Estimate: £1800 - £2200
Matchbox Regular Wheels 15b Rotinoff Super Atlantic Ballast Tractor - Stannard Code 1 - orange body with silver trim, gloss black base, 24-tread grey plastic wheels with crimped axles - Near Mint with a couple of minor box rubs to silver trim and chip to base (see photo) in Good Plus type B4 box.
Estimate: £1200 - £1400
Matchbox Regular Wheels 23b Berkeley Cavalier Caravan - Stannard Code 10 - metallic green body & base, 20-tread grey plastic wheels with rounded axle - Mint apart factory casting flaw to right hand door in Near Mint earlier period type B1 box for No.23a Berkeley Cavalier Caravan. Outstanding example of this rare model which just needs a correct Period B5 box sorting.
Estimate: £800 - £1000
Matchbox Regular Wheels 20c Chevrolet Impala Taxi - Stannard Code 1 - orange-yellow body with hood decal & smooth trunk/boot interior, clear windows, ivory interior, bare metal base, 36-tread grey plastic wheels - Mint apart from usual minor rub mark to leading edge of hood raised centre line in Near Mint "New Model" type E2 box. Superb example of this rare model.
Estimate: £1400 - £1600
Matchbox Regular Wheels 72b Standard Jeep - unlisted Stannard Code - dark yellow body without hood interior post, white interior, gloss black base - Excellent Plus with a couple of tiny chips to rear loadbed & factory assembly damage to one front hub in generally Excellent Plus type E4 box with some minor staining to one picture face. Very rare model with white interior.
Estimate: £700 - £900
Matchbox Regular Wheels 11a ERF Tanker - Stannard Code 1 - green body with gold trim, flat base between cab & tank, metal wheels with flat crimped axles - Near Mint (tiny pin size chip to rear edge of chassis and box rubs to gold trim on both filler caps) in Excellent Plus type B1 box. Superb example of this rare colour.
Estimate: £700 - £800
Matchbox Regular Wheels 41b Jaguar D-type - unlisted Stannard Code - dark green body with closed scoop & red racing number 6 decals (from Yesteryear Y6 Bugatti type 35), tan driver, gloss black type C base, red plastic hubs with 45-tread black plastic tyres - overall Excellent Plus (body virtually unmarked but there is a large area of paint loss to rear of base where a price or reference label has been removed taking the paint with it - see photo) in Good Plus type D3 box printed by Bowaters with original price added in red felt tip pen to one picture face. Very rare model.
Estimate: £600 - £800