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The Philippe Sergeant Matchbox collection to be held on the 29th of January features over 300 lots of Regular Wheels plus some further Superfast models. The collection includes a number of rare and sought-after models, including a 62c Mercury Cougar (Stannard code 1), which is expected to receive a lot of interest and has not been through a Vectis auction for a number of years; plus another chance to purchase a 34b Volkswagen Caravette, one of which achieved four figures earlier in the year. There are variations of the 13d Dodge BP Wreck truck, and 71c Ford Esso Heavy Wreck Truck plus some further interesting colour and base, model variations.


Matchbox Regular Wheels 62c Mercury Cougar - Stannard Code 1 - deep cream body, clear windows without rear view mirror cast to windscreen, ivory interior, bare metal base, chrome hubs with black plastic tyres - Good Plus in Good to Good Plus "New Model" type E4® box. Exceptionally rare model which still displays well.
Estimate: £2400 - £2800
Matchbox Regular Wheels 13d Dodge BP Wreck Truck - unlisted Stannard Code - green cab & type B jibs with lower brace, dark red plastic hook, amber roof-light, turquoise green windows, lemon yellow rear body & base with BP labels, 45-tread black plastic wheels with crimped axles - Excellent Plus with 4 tiny chips to rear edges of body & left hand label discoloured/faded in Excellent type F2 box. Very rare factory painted model dating from the 1970 with the harder to find amber roof-light.
Estimate: £2000 - £2400
Matchbox Regular Wheels 45a Vauxhall Victor - Stannard Code 1 - red body with silver trim, without dashboard cross brace, matt black base, metal wheels - Good Plus to Excellent but does have paint loss to body raised outlines & some factory casting flaws to base (see extra photos) in Excellent later period type B5 box printed by Pembroke Abbey.
Estimate: £1500 - £1800
Matchbox Regular Wheels 34b Volkswagen Caravette - Stannard Code 1 - pale green body with silver trim to VW nose emblem only (headlamps remain body colour), opening side doors with type A flat interior faces & type A wide door box, pale green windows, dark green interior & twin rivet base, 9 x 20-tread silver plastic wheels - overall Excellent but does have paint loss to base lettering (see extra photo) in Good Plus "New Model" type C Lesney box without printers identification. Very rare model with silver plastic wheels.
Estimate: £900 - £1200
Matchbox Regular Wheels No.20c Chevrolet Impala Taxi - Stannard Code 1 - orange-yellow body with hood decal & smooth trunk interior, clear windows, ivory interior, bare metal base, 36-tread grey plastic wheels - Good Plus to Excellent with some paint chips particularly to front right hand corner of roof & right hand rear wing in Good Plus a little creased & faded "New Model" type E2 box.
Estimate: £600 - £700
Matchbox Regular Wheels 13d Dodge BP Wreck Truck - Stannard Code 1 - green cab & type A crane jib with narrow base end, silver trim to grille, headlamps & front registration plate, turquoise green windows, red roof-light, lemon yellow rear body & base, unusually fitted with decals from No.25c Bedford TK BP Tanker rather than the white background decals normally associated with this model, grey plastic hook - Good with some play wear, edges of rear body have been repainted, upper jib brace is not original to the model but has been fabricated & glued into position, base loose and the glazing unit & roof-light have been previously been glued into position in Good Plus a little creased & stained "New Model" type E2 box illustrating correct reverse colour model. Although model is play worn with some repainting/restoration this is a genuine factory produced reverse colour wreck truck interestedly fitted with No.25c decals.
Estimate: £500 - £600
Matchbox Regular Wheels 11a ERF Tanker - unlisted Stannard Code - red body with gold trim, tank has large Esso decals to both sides (see extra photo), round chassis brace, metal wheel with flat crimped axles - Excellent Plus with box rub marks to both decals in Good Plus type B1 box with later more detailed model illustration (scuff marks to edges of box have been touched in using blue ink).
Estimate: £400 - £500
Matchbox Regular Wheels 22b Vauxhall Cresta - Stannard Code 9 - pale pink body with turquoise side panels, without rear silver trim but with red tail-lamps, pale green windows, gloss black base, 20-tread grey plastic wheels with rounded axles - Good to Good Plus with some light play wear. Very rare model to find in any condition.
Estimate: £400 - £500
Matchbox Regular Wheels 71c Ford Esso Heavy Wreck Truck - Stannard Code 1 - red cab & jib with red plastic hook, amber windows & roof light, white rear body with smooth bed & without rear mudguard brace, light blue outline large Esso labels, white grille & base without copyright date cast - Excellent Plus with a couple of tiny chips along with two large chips to base over front axle (see extra photo) in Good Plus to Excellent just a little creased type F1 box illustrating model with blue labels. Rare initial production model with smooth bed & amber windows.
Estimate: £360 - £460