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Meccano to be sold on Friday 20th March at Vectis 

 It was on a long train journey to Birmingham to join relatives for the Christmas season that Frank Hornby is said to have had “…the sudden inspiration…” which led in 1901 to the commercial introduction and patenting of Meccano. Initially marketed as ‘Mechanics Made Easy’ this was shortened to ‘Meccano’ in 1907.

The popularity and longevity of Meccano could be put down to the fact it is more than just a toy but a learning experience that was initially aimed at fathers and sons but today encompasses the whole family. 

For one collector the appeal of Meccano was to last decades resulting in the setting up of a small dedicated Museum of Meccano. 

Meccano 20th March  

This collection is now being offered for sale at Vectis and includes five factory constructed display models of Windmills, Tipping Wagon, Twin Star Wheel and an unusual 1970’s Dinky Toy Display Bridge. 

There are further demonstrator models including motorised versions of cars, airplanes, space ships, traction engines and a steam wagon. Accessories, manuals starting from the 1920’s and covering several decades, books, Elektron outfits and construction sets pre and post war are also on offer.

Meccano Plane 20th March

Meccano Specialist Mike Delaney said “One of the most interesting pieces in the auction is the 24 Horse Carousel which is powered by an electric motor and includes a dummy steam engine, with over 120 lights and organ music cassette recorder built into the power supply unit.  It would make a great focal point being quite a striking piece finished with a red and white striped top cover and Meccano Flags.

The Meccano Museum Collection will be sold as part of the Model Train and Meccano Sale on Friday 20th March 2020.

For more information on this Meccano Sale please contact –

Mike Delaney, Vectis Oxford Office - + 44 (0) 1993 709 424


Tom McCallum, Vectis Head Office - + 44 (0) 1642 750 616