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The Key Issue Comic Book Collection

There will be a fantastic opportunity to acquire sought after key issue comics in the Vectis TV & Film Sale on Tuesday June 23rd. ‘Key Issue’ is a term often used in comic book collecting but you would be forgiven for wondering what is meant by the term ‘key issue’.

A Key Issue can be defined as an important or essential publication in the title run or category. This could be an issue in which a main character is introduced, an important character’s death or a character’s origin story.  A particular storyline can also be considered as a Key Issue.

In the group in the Vectis sale there are a number of key issue editions such as character first appearances, THE NEW MUTANTS #98, first appearance of Deadpool. X-MEN #101, first appearance of Phoenix. THE NEW TEEN TITANS #2, first appearance of Deathstroke the Terminator. X-FACTOR #6, first appearance of Apocalypse. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #194, first appearance of Black Cat.  THE ETERNALS #1, first appearance of The Eternals. Also, origin issues, STAR WARS #68, origin of Boba Fett. Storyline Key Issues include BATMAN #404, 405, 406, 407, "Year One" Storyline Parts 1 to 4. BATMAN #426, 427, 428 (death of Jason Todd as Robin), 429, "A Death in The Family" Storyline Parts 1 to 4. WOLVERINE #1, 2, 3, 4 first solo comic series. AMAZING ADVENTURES THE INHUMANS AND THE BLACK WIDOW #1, first Black Widow solo story. The list goes on. These issues are more desirable and collectable and can command higher values, especially for copies in outstanding condition.

There are large sections of high-grade issues in fantastic condition, very glossy, flat, clean and crease free, approximately 1500 Silver, Bronze and Modern Age Comic Books, Graphic Novels and Hardback Books dating from the 1960’s into the 2000’s. Mostly Marvel and DC titles but also others to consider. This collection offers a marvellous opportunity to add to your existing comic collection, upgrade copies or even begin your own collection. There really is something for everyone, from large lots to single items, including a number of British Comics, some with Free Gifts, Limited Edition Hardback Books, Out of Print Omnibus Editions, Signed Graphic Novels and signed artist sketches.

There are 64 Lots in total which have been catalogued comprehensively with realistic estimates. We hope you enjoy browsing the collection and can find something you are looking for, you could also enjoy the full collection on our YouTube channel where the lots are presented in a slideshow, in lot order, starting at lot number 151. 

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A group of Bronze Age DC Comics of the Horror/Mystery genre. Titles are GHOSTS #2, 8, 10, 12, 13 to 16, 18 to 20, 22, 24, 32, 34 to 36, 42, 44, 45, 47, 50, 54, 56 to 58, 61, 67, 100 X2, 105, GHOSTS SPECIAL #7. BLACK MAGIC #1 to 9. WEIRD WORLD'S PRESENTS IRON-WOLF #8 X2, 9, 10 X3. DC WEIRD WORLD'S #1 to 5, 6 X2, 7. KONG THE UNTAMED #1, 2, 3 X2, 4, 5. ADVENTURE COMICS #435, 438. THE SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING #2, 6, 15. SWAMP THING #14, 15, 16, 32. SECRETS OF THE HAUNTED HOUSE #39, 42, 44. THE HOUSE OF MYSTERY #163, 264, 302, 310, 314. THE PHANTOM STRANGER #32, 33, 35 to 38. CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN #85, DOORWAY TO NIGHTMARE #4. THE PHANTOM ZONE #3. PLOP #12, 14, 17. PREZ #4. In Good to Near Mint condition. (85)
Estimate: £60 - £80 Sold For: £60
Marvel Comics STAR WARS #68 dated February 1983, key issue featuring the origin of Boba Fett. Near Mint condition, a high grade copy, very glossy, flat and clean. Has number 45 on rear in pencil.
Estimate: £30 - £60 Sold For: £100
Marvel Comic Key Issue. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #194 dated July 1972. Featuring the first appearance of Black Cat. In Near Mint condition, very flat and clean.
Estimate: £70 - £90 Sold For: £100