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Day 1 of the Graham Hamilton Ultimate Matchbox Picture Box collection was held on the 26th May. The complete collection covers the entire Lesney Matchbox Picture Box era from 1962 - 1982 and covers every possible genre of Matchbox collecting. Day 1 comprised both Regular Wheel and Superfast 1-75 series models, including pre-production colour trial models, rare and unusual variations. Models of interest included a 13d Dodge Wreck truck in reverse colours, with the correct illustrated box and unique provenance. Plus, a 22c pontiac GP Coupe and 24d Team Matchbox Racing car pre-production trial model, both with unusual attributes.


Matchbox Regular Wheels 1e Mercedes LP Covered Truck Pre-production trial model - blue body with type A thin cab steps, without front bumper extension, thin rear tow hook & without rear wheelarch braces, clear windows, chrome grille & smooth base without tow guide, yellow plastic hubs with factory crimped axles - Good with some paint chips and fitted with Excellent yellow canopy which nicely matches the wheel hubs in Excellent to Excellent Plus "New" type E4 box.
Estimate: £300 - £400 Sold For: £2,200
Matchbox Superfast 7e Volkswagen Golf (Superfast 7c) - metallic lime green body, dark amber windows, dark yellow interior, matt black base, 5-crown wheels - Near Mint with a couple of tiny factory assembly paint chips to base & box rub marks to top of both front wings in Near Mint "New" type K box. Very rare model fitted with 5-crown wheels.
Estimate: £300 - £400 Sold For: £2,000
Matchbox Superfast 10f Plymouth Gran Fury Police Car (Superfast 10c) - black & white body with Police shield door tampo print, mid-blue roof lights, light amber windows, white interior, bare metal base, 5-arch wheels - overall Near Mint but does have a couple of minor black paint marks to trunk in Excellent to Excellent Plus "New" type K box with English & French text to rectangular panel on one striker side, box also has matching model artwork. Very rare model with 5-arch wheels which matches the box artwork.
Estimate: £200 - £260 Sold For: £3,000
Matchbox Regular Wheels 13d Dodge Wreck Truck - Stannard Code 1 - dark green cab with silver trim and dark green type A narrow crane jibs with grey plastic hook, turquoise green windows, red roof-light, lemon yellow rear body & base with BP decals, 45-tread black plastic wheels with very faint "Lesney England" lettering - Excellent with a few tiny chips in generally Excellent "New Model" type E2 box illustrating correct reverse colour model. Complete with correspondence from Wendy Fosdick of Michigan USA explaining the truck belonged to her father - Ed Fosdick - who was Chief Engineer of Design and Safety for Chrysler (Dodge being part of the Chrysler Corporation). Also included is a Polaroid black & white photograph of Ed Fosdick sat at his desk in 1962 which although a little creased is in Excellent condition. Genuine reverse colour Wreck Truck which displays well and complete with unique cast iron provenance.
Estimate: £3,000 - £4,000 Sold For: £10,000
Matchbox Regular Wheels 15c Dennis Refuse Truck Pre-production colour trial - mid-blue cab & chassis with silver trim & without chassis brace, light grey container without front hole, thin rear opening hatch braces, angled decals, mid-blue base, 9.5 x 20-tread black plastic wheels - cab & chassis are Near Mint, container body Excellent in Excellent Plus "New Model" type D2 box printed by Pembroke Abbey illustrating model without decals. Rare opportunity to buy a relatively early colour trial with not only a casting difference to the container hatch but also fitted with smaller diameter 20-tread black plastic wheels.
Estimate: £400 - £500 Sold For: £2,600
Matchbox Regular Wheels 15d Volkswagen Beetle Rally Car colour trial - metallic red body with thick racing number 137 door labels & front bumper Monte Carlo Rally decal, clear windows, ivory interior, bare metal base, chrome hubs with black plastic tyres, model has factory hand punched rear rivet (see extra photo) - Near Mint with chip to drivers door handle in generally Near Mint "New" type F1 box. Provenance: previously sold as part of the Peter Smith Collection (prototype model maker for Lesney) at Stacey's 22nd July 2015.
Estimate: £300 - £400 Sold For: £5,000
Matchbox Superfast 20d Lamborghini Marzal Pre-production colour trial (Superfast 20a) - metallic emerald green body, amber windows, ivory interior, bare metal base without "Superfast" lettering across front axle which has also not been zinc plated but otherwise as per production issues, trial solid chrome disc Superfast narrow wheels - Excellent Plus with some paint loss to raised roof outline & a couple of chips to leading edge of roof. Provenance: previously sold by Vectis Auctions Lot 410 13th June 2017.
Estimate: £500 - £600 Sold For: £2,600
Matchbox Superfast 20f 4x4 Jeep - white body with "Desert Dawg" tampo print, red plastic roof, black interior, gloss black Lesney England base, Maltese Cross wheels - Mint in Excellent 1982 copyright generic US issue box.
Estimate: £10 - £15 Sold For: £100
Matchbox Superfast 22c Pontiac GP Coupe (Superfast 22a) - red body with silver trim & opening doors but without front licence plate extension for tow guide, clear windows, grey interior with plastic door springs, gloss black base, large diameter solid 5-spoke narrow wheels three of which have tread pattern cast one rear wheel without, model has un-spun rear rivet - Excellent with a couple of tiny chips to upper edge of opening doors & rear tail lamps in Good Plus a little creased on one striker side "New" type G box with "TM". Unusual transitional model with factory spun front base rivet but un-spun rear rivet.
Estimate: £2,000 - £3,000 Sold For: £4,400
Matchbox Superfast 22e Blaze Buster Fire Engine (Superfast 22c) - red body with Fire shield labels, rare white ladder, dark amber windows, chrome interior, bare metal base, 5-spoke wide wheels - Mint in Excellent Plus "New" type J box with matching model artwork.
Estimate: £120 - £150 Sold For: £340