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Day 2 of the Graham Hamilton Ultimate Matchbox Picture Box collection was held on the 27th of May. The complete collection covers the entire Lesney Matchbox Picture Box era from 1962 - 1982 and covers every possible genre of Matchbox collecting. Day 2 comprised road and racing cars, buses, coaches and trams, farm and agricultural vehicles and military models. The collection included pre-production and colour trial models, rare transitional variations, and rare and elusive models such as the 31c Lincoln Continental in both Superfast and Regular wheels versions, and a possibly unique Superfast 45c Ford group 6 model in rare non-metallic flat green body.


Matchbox Superfast 31c Lincoln Continental Pre-production trial model (Superfast 31a) - Regular Wheel sea-green body, clear windows correctly held by punched rivet, ivory interior, bare metal base which has not been zinc plated, small diameter solid 5-spoke narrow wheels - Near Mint with minor mark below rear window & minor mark to passenger front wing in Mint "New" type G box with "TM". Rare opportunity to purchase this elusive model in outstanding condition.
Estimate: £2,000 - £3,000 Sold For: £13,000
Matchbox Regular Wheels 31c Lincoln Continental - Stannard Code 4 - metallic lime green body, clear windows held by punched rivet rather than a spun rivet, ivory interior, bare metal base, 36-tread black plastic wheels - Near Mint with tiny pin size chip to centre of hood in Near Mint to Mint type F2 box. Superb example of this rare transitional issue.
Estimate: £1,200 - £1,400 Sold For: £8,000
Matchbox Superfast 34f Chevy Pro Stocker Pre-production colour trial - orange body with black & dark green "Gatorade" racing number 88 tampo print, clear windows, red interior, bare metal base with "gunmetal" effect - Near Mint with just a couple of tiny pin size factory assembly paint chips to drivers side rear wheelarch & rear spoiler in generally Near Mint "New" type L box with English/French/Italian text to rectangular panel on one striker side. This Gatorade pre-production colour trial was not released due to licensing issues in the United States raised by Ertl who had the rights to market this Nascar in North America.
Estimate: £500 - £600 Sold For: £3,000
Matchbox Regular Wheels 41b Jaguar D-type - unlisted Stannard Code - green body with red racing number 6 decals (from Yesteryear Y6 Bugatti type 35), tan driver, gloss black type C base, wire wheels with 72-tread black plastic tyres - Excellent Plus with some slight decal loss to bottom edge of both decals along with couple of usual tiny chips to rear fin & drivers head in Near Mint type D2 box printed by Bowaters. Very rare issue with these racing decals.
Estimate: £700 - £900 Sold For: £2,100
Matchbox Superfast 41c Ford GBT40 Multi-Pack Issue (Superfast 41a) - yellow body with high arches without hood label, clear windows, red interior, gloss black base, dot-dash wheels - overall Near Mint but does have a couple of tiny factory assembly paint chips in Near Mint "New" type G box. Very rare model previously sold by Vectis Auctions in the Geoffrey Leake Collection Lot 3423 27/07/16.
Estimate: £500 - £700 Sold For: £4,800
Matchbox Regular Wheels 44c GMC Refrigerator Truck Factory Pre-production colour trial - green cab & chassis with thin rear axle braces, metallic silver type A container body with white plastic door & without rear door stop cast, turquoise green windows (not dark green), white plastic grille & base with thin axle braces and without raised detail, base has No.44 cast rather than "GMC" on raised platform - Excellent (unfortunately has 3 scratches to windscreen) in Excellent Plus "New Model" type E4 box with matching model artwork.
Estimate: £1,000 - £1,300 Sold For: £8,000
Matchbox Superfast 44c GMC Refrigerator Truck (Superfast 44a) - lemon yellow cab & chassis, sea green container body with matt paint finish, dark green windows, grey grille & base, 4-spoke narrow wheels with black axle clips - Excellent (with usual discolouration to container body which also has scratch to right hand front corner, glazing unit also has factory casting flaw) in Near Mint short "New" type G box with "TM" and parallel Superfast branding to striker sides. Very rare transitional variation.
Estimate: £700 - £900 Sold For: £3,000
Matchbox Regular Wheels 46c Mercedes 300 SE Coupe factory colour trial - metallic silver-blue body without door spring pins cast and type B thin boot hinge studs, clear windows, ivory interior, bare metal base with factory hand punched rivets - Excellent with a few tiny chips & rear suspension set a little low by the factory in Mint "New Model" type E4® box illustrating dark green model with tan interior.
Estimate: £400 - £600 Sold For: £2,800
Matchbox Superfast 48c Dodge Dump Truck (Superfast 48a) - lighter shade blue cab & chassis, lemon yellow tipper body, turquoise green windows, chrome base, 4-spoke wide wheels with black front axle clip - Mint in generally Near Mint "New" 1971 copyright type I box with matching model artwork. This is a printers proof box that was never actually released with one end flap tab being used by Bowaters for print registration purposes having the numerical sequence 1 through to 56. Although a number of sheets of these boxes would have been printed it is unknown how many have survived and this is possibly the only opportunity to acquire one of these very rare boxes. Provenance: formerly the property of Ron Jobson who was responsible for the majority of artwork both on the boxes and within the catalogues during the late 1960's to 1970's period, sold as part of the Ron Jobson Collection at Astons Auctioneers 12/10/2011.
Estimate: £600 - £800 Sold For: £5,200
Matchbox Regular Wheels 50c Ford Kennel Truck - unlisted Stannard Code - metallic green body with textured loadbed (Superfast colour), chrome grille, smoke grey tinted canopy, dark green windows, matt black base, complete with dogs attached to sprue - Excellent (has factory paint flaws to hood & cab roof) in Excellent Plus "New" type F1 box signed by the artist Ron Jobson. Provenance: previously the property of Lesney artist Ron Jobson Lesney artist responsible for catalogue & box artwork from the late 1960's to 1970's period sold by Aston's Auctioneers October 2011.
Estimate: £400 - £500 Sold For: £5,800