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The Denis Morgan Fire Engine Collection

Vectis Auctions are honoured to sell an ex-London Firefighter’s collection of model Fire Engines. The collection, amassed over a lifetime, is currently covering five benches within the Vectis Auctions warehouse.

The collection represents Fire Engines from all over the World, including USA, France, UK, and Germany and will be held on Thursday the 18th of February.

Highlights include a stunning selection of white metal and resin models, of predominantly London brigades, with examples covering from wartime to present day.

Further examples include Fire Engines from Corgi, Minimodels, Ashton Models, Solido and others.  

It is currently being catalogued by our own ex-Lancashire fire fighter David Bowers, and will be available to view online shortly.


'Our dear dad had been an enthusiastic collector for 40 years. 

One of our strongest recollections of him is him being in his office, painstakingly painting and restoring them on winter evenings. 

He'd been an active fire officer with the London fire brigade for over 25 years until his retirement, and was fascinated with its history in all its forms. 

His hobby grew to include collecting from fire departments from all over the world, and he travelled extensively in this regard. 

He made many friends and several of them travelled from abroad to be at his funeral in March. 

He adored the collector’s fares and would often browse these with his younger brother John, who is also a collector. 

The collection is a true labour of love and a tribute to our late much-loved dad and he would be delighted for it to give pleasure to generations to come’.



For further information on this sale please contact David Bowers -, or call +44 (0) 1642 750616