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The Anne Genner Crawford (MAFA) Collection

Born in 1944 in the North East of England. Trained at Sunderland and Birmingham Polytechnics in the 60s, she moved to Yorkshire, where she lived and worked in a cottage on the edge of the Peak District National Park.

Speaking about her work, she said, “In recent years my subject matter has derived from artifacts found in the rural environment in which I live. For some time I have worked with assemblage, collecting broken pottery, doll’s heads, shells and bits of lace. These objects, lying around my studio, began to interest me for their own sake and I began to draw and paint from them, arranging and re-arranging them endlessly. Sometimes the objects have great personal significance, sometimes they are simply things that I like. I put them together to create their own relationships, harmony, perhaps thought, perhaps disquiet.”

Anne exhibited regularly in the UK and USA. Her work is in private collections in the UK, France, Germany, Australia, USA and South Africa.


SFBJ bisque antique doll, French, c1910, impressed SFBJ 301 PARIS 8, blue weighted eyes, open mouth, pierced ears, brunette wig and pate, composition and wood jointed body, fingers and toes are chipped, rear of left knee joint is damaged / worn, wearing cotton white work dress and petticoat, 22"/56cm.
Estimate: £140 - £160 Sold For: £90
SFBJ UNIS Jumeau antique bisque doll, French, 1922 on, impressed UNIS PARIS 301 ERT 7, stamped in red TETE JUMEAU, fixed brown eyes, open mouth, pierced ears, auburn wig and pate, composition and wood jointed body (with BEBE JUMEAU Diplome d'Honneur oval paper label to small of back), wearing white work cotton dress, cotton white work bonnet lined in silk, with silk and woollen undergarments, tiny chip to right lower eye rim, tiny chip to neck socket, 18"/46cm.
Estimate: £180 - £220
Franz Schmidt / Simon & Halbig bisque child antique doll, German, c 1890 on, impressed S & C 52 4 1/2, weighted brown eyes, open mouth, pierced ears, brunette wig, composition and wood ball jointed body, wearing silk and lace dress- smocked and pin tucked, silk bonnet, cotton white work and woollen undergarments, remains of old glue and wig firmly stuck into position around wig rim, 24"/61cm.
Estimate: £140 - £200 Sold For: £200
Three large vintage wicker baskets and a small wicker work basket, containing assorted antique and vintage scraps of cotton, lace and woollen fabric, ribbons and lengths of lace, etc; some damage throughout, ideal for crafting and making doll and teddy bear clothing, fantastic selection, Fair to Excellent; (qty).
Estimate: £40 - £50 Sold For: £60
Collection of assorted vintage, antique and more modern doll's clothing, suitable for dolls and teddy bears, includes dresses, petticoats, underwear, hand knitting etc, various sizes, cotton white work; silk and lace; cotton muslin; Rayon; broderie Anglaise; wool; velvet; Amanda Jane coat and hat; etc; Fair to Excellent; (qty).
Estimate: £20 - £40 Sold For: £90
German antique dolls for restoration / repair, includes: Armand Marseille 370 brown bisque shoulder head doll; Simon & Halbig 1079 bisque doll, head is cracked / repaired; Armand Marseille 351 Dream Baby; Hermann Steiner 128; Armand Marseille 390 x 2; Armand Marseille 1894; SFBJ 236 head is extensively damaged, body has SFBJ label; AM 370; etc; (qty).
Estimate: £50 - £60 Sold For: £60