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Star Wars Prototype Resin Master Tooling Aids - 30th April TV & Film related sale

The following items will be offered for sale as part of the Vectis TV and Film related auction on 30 April, 2019.

  • Logray
  • Emperors Royal Guard
  • Bib Fortuna,

However, they are not your usual carded figures, these are Star Wars Prototype Resin Master Tooling Aids

A Unique opportunity to acquire a piece of Star Wars Vintage Action Figure Toy History. Early prototype Star Wars figures very rarely come onto the open market. These are examples of the master sculpts used to create the well-known vintage Star Wars 3 ¾” figures from The Return of the Jedi toy line. They are slightly larger in size, to allow for shrinkage in the moulds, and have much more detail than the final mass-produced production item.

Sent by Kenner to Roger Morrison (Palitoy/General Mills European Tooling Manager) in the early 1980s. Prototype resin figures used in the manufacture of production Star Wars figures. These master models were used via a series of tool making operations to produce beryllium copper castings, which were then used in the manufacture of production injection moulds. These moulds produced each component part on multi cavity tools. Sourced direct from Mr Roger Morrison (Production figures included for comparison.) Authenticated and encased by UK Graders Collectable Grading Company.

Estimated at £6,000-12,000 each these items will be included along with a comprehensive selection of almost every vintage Star Wars 3 ¾” figure ever produced by Palitoy/Kenner; and a large selection of vehicles, playsets and other Star Wars related collectables.

The full auction catalogue will be on-line at the beginning of April at


Also, featuring in the same sale a fantastic selection of signed items- The Beatles x two sets, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Walt Disney, Laurel and Hardy, Sean Connery, signed Rock albums, Stone Roses, Mick Jagger, Kate Bush, Madonna, Roger Moore, Eddie Cochrane, Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, Buddy Holly, Steptoe and Son, Jerry Lee Lewis signed contracts