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The Specialist sale which was held on the 6th of November featured 651 lots from one private owner collection. The Surrey Collection included Matchbox, Dinky and Corgi, plus Triang Spot-on, Budgie Toys, Benbros and Tekno plus tinplate clockwork vehicles from Mettoy, Wells (UK), Schuco and others. Lots included boxed and unboxed groups and individual cars, motorcycles, buses and coaches, farm and construction vehicles, emergency, military, and aircraft, plus Corgi TV & Film related and Gifts sets; French Dinky and Pre- and Post War Triang Minic.

Matchbox group of play worn Regular Wheels, Major Packs & King Size models including some spare Tractor Units & Trailers; K8 Scammell Ballast Tractor & Trailer "Laing"; K4 Fruehauf Hopper Train plus others similar (see photo) a couple of models either fully or part repainted - Fair to Good unboxed also included are 3 x Superfast Ford Model A Vans, 73 Ford Model A and 2 x Lledo Ford Model T Vans - Excellent to Near Mint unboxed. (approx 40)
Estimate: £40 - £50 Sold For: £260
Matchbox Models of Yesteryear 2 x Y2 London Bus - both are 4 over 4 lower deck windows, bare metal lower deck ceiling, hand applied silver trim, metal wheels with crimped axles (1) unusual brick red body, royal blue driver, dull mustard yellow (general) nearside decal (offside decal missing) & rear "Oakey's" decal, front decal has pale blue "Pears Soap" background, rear decal has dark blue "Nestles Milk" background with early tall lettering - model body colour is uniform throughout including inside & underneath and not repainted (possible early colour trial?) - Good Plus unboxed with some small paint chips & decal loss; (2) standard production issue red body, dark navy blue driver, "General" & rear "Oakey's" decals are standard bright yellow, front "Pears Soaps" & rear "Nestles Milk" decals both have mid-blue background and short rather than tall text - Excellent (some paint chips to driver) in Good Plus to Excellent type C1 Lesney box. (2)
Estimate: £80 - £100 Sold For: £520
Dinky 134 Triumph Vitesse - metallic aqua, white flashes, very pale grey interior (hard to find variation), silver trim, chrome spun hubs with black treaded tyres - Near Mint a beautiful example in a Good Plus to Excellent yellow and red carded picture box (couple of small scuffs to edges).
Estimate: £90 - £110 Sold For: £340
Dinky 197 Morris Mini Traveller - green body, light blue interior, silver trim, spun hubs - Good Plus (does have some small paint flaws to roof) in a Good (slightly grubby) yellow and red carded picture box.
Estimate: £80 - £90 Sold For: £320
Dinky 521 Bedford Articulated Lorry - yellow, black including ridged hubs with smooth and treaded tyres, metal tow hook - Excellent (couple of very small marks on side protruding edges) still a bright example in a generally Good Plus buff lift of lid box with paper label (usual rusting to staples).
Estimate: £60 - £80 Sold For: £220
Dinky 25k/250 Streamlined Fire Engine - red body, ladders and smooth hubs with white tyres, tinplate base with 6 x tinplate figures - overall condition is generally Fair - still displays well see photo.
Estimate: £70 - £80 Sold For: £220
Dinky 39c Chrysler - Saxe Blue, silver trim, maroon ridged hubs with black smooth tyres - Good still a bright example of a hard to find and rare to find issue.
Estimate: £100 - £120 Sold For: £600
Budgie Toys 272 "Mike Mercury" - Supercar - red, grey, silver, with figure - overall condition is generally Excellent (pull out wings do have small chips to top edges) still a bright example of a harder issue to find in a Good Plus yellow, black and red carded picture box.
Estimate: £120 - £150 Sold For: £340
P.R Models "Savon Ambre Le Chat" Delivery Truck finished in two-tone green, yellow complete with Cat figure - overall condition is generally Good Plus to Excellent (couple of very small chips on protruding edges) in a generally Good correct carded picture box.
Estimate: £120 - £150 Sold For: £360
MF Toys (China) 826 friction drive "Airport Limousine" - cream/green with interior detail, side door fitted with latch and automatic opening action, circa 1960's - an Excellent Plus model with some bright plated parts and rubber tyres 10"/26cm long and comes in a Good Plus card box with colourful illustration to lid.
Estimate: £40 - £60 Sold For: £260