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The Specialist Sale to be held on the 21st March features a magnificent seven private owner collections. The first features 154 lots of Corgi and Dinky models including cars, trucks, military, Corgi Whizzwheels, commercial vehicles, TV and Film related and Gift Sets. The Mansfield Collection features over 230 lots of Dinky pre and post war models, including aircraft, ships, road and racing cars, buses and coaches, plus accessory and figure sets. Private Owner Collection #2 includes Matchbox Regular Wheels, Corgi, Dinky and French Dinky models. The Foden Family Collection includes Dinky Foden 1st and 2nd type trucks, models from Corgi, Triang Spot-On, Tekno and White Metal. The Yorkshire Collection and The North East Collection feature further Dinky vehicles and accessory sets. The sale concludes with further Dinky factory drawings from The John Beugels Collection.



Bids can be placed online, prior to or live during the auction, or via telephone or commission.

Dinky pre-war 60 Aeroplanes Gift Set to include Imperial Airways - gold, “G-A BTI” lettering; Low Wing Monoplane - red, “G-A VYP” lettering; General Monospar - silver, “G-A BVP” lettering; Autogiro - gold, blue; Leopard Moth - green, white flashes and Percival Gull - white, “G-A DZO” lettering - conditions are generally Fair to Good, still a nice bright set - in generally Good (slightly grubby around edges) blue lift-off lid box with paper label to front and side, inner carded tray is Good Plus - see photo.
Estimate: £240 - £300 Sold For: £440
Dinky 920 Guy Warrior “Heinz 57 Varieties” - red cab and chassis, yellow back and Supertoy hubs with black treaded tyres - Good Plus to Excellent (small marks on rear door hinges and protruding side edges, still a lovely bright unboxed example.
Estimate: £200 - £300 Sold For: £700
Corgi 201 “The Saints” Volvo P1800 - white body, yellow interior with figure driver, red bonnet label, silver trim, RED-SPOT wheels - overall condition is generally Good Plus, still a lovely bright example of a harder to find issue that displays well - in Good Plus orange and yellow window box (has been professionally re-cellophaned at some time).
Estimate: £200 - £240
Dinky 902 Foden (2nd Type) Flat Truck - yellow cab and chassis, green back and Supertoy hubs with grey treaded tyres, silver trim - Good Plus still a nice bright example of a harder colour variation to find in a generally Good (slightly grubby) blue and white striped lift off lid box with correct colour spot - see photo.
Estimate: £160 - £220 Sold For: £500
Corgi 268 “The Green Hornet” Black Beauty - finished in black, spun hubs, green tinted windows - Good Plus, still a bright example - inner pictorial stand is Excellent Plus, outer blue and yellow carded picture box is Good Plus to Excellent, complete with sealed secret instruction pack containing folded leaflet, spinners and missiles - see photo.
Estimate: £150 - £170 Sold For: £240
Dinky pre-war 42 Set to include “Police” Hut; Motorcycle Patrol and 2 x figures - overall condition is generally Good to Good Plus (motorbike has some fatigue), still a bright example - in generally Fair to Good blue presentation lift-off lid box (scuffs to all corners).
Estimate: £130 - £160 Sold For: £260
Dinky pre-war 50 “Ships of the British Navy” Set including “HMS York”; “HMS Hood”; “HMS Nelson” plus others - conditions are generally Good to Excellent, lovely bright examples - in Fair early lift-off lid box (faded) - see photo.
Estimate: £110 - £150 Sold For: £170