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The Specialist sale held on the 16th of September featured The Roanka Yesteryear Collection, 159 lots of Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, including Giftware sets, Colour trial models, code 2 and 3 issues, Fire engine series, Matchbox collectables, and harder to find issues. Plus, Matchbox The Dinky Collection, The Perfect Toy MICA re-issues, plus books ephemera and pin badges. Further items in the sale included rare and interesting Matchbox models, further MICA re-issues, Fire Engine series and collectables, plus Code 2 and Trade Packs. The sale also included Corgi Original Omnibus, EFE, Corgi Classics, including Heavy Haulage; tankers, lorries, road and sports cars, commercial vehicles, buses and coaches and ex-shop stock, plus Danbury Mint. 

Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Lesney Giftware Series (1) British Airways Concorde "1st Supersonic Passenger Service" hinged stainless steel tin in white and gold edged window box; (2) gold colour plated Concorde mounted on violet blue ceramic pen stand; (3) Boeing 747 "British Airways" Jumbo Jet - white/silver, mounted on charcoal grey acrylic thermometer; (4) Boeing 747 "Jumbo" British Airways Jet - gold/white, mounted on black ceramic ashtray or similar - later style Matchbox branded orange/white window box - Excellent to Near Mint in Good to Excellent boxes - 3 have protective outer card sleeves. (4)
Estimate: £50 - £70 Sold For: £200
Matchbox Lesney Giftware Series unusual group of Sporting Figures (1) Footballer in gold colour plating mounted on violet blue ceramic pen stand in plain white window box; (2) similar but Golfer on dark green ceramic pen stand; (3) "The Fisherman" mounted on 4 onyx double pen stand in a white and gold trimmed window box (has had some tape repairs to window) - Excellent to Excellent Plus in Fair to Good boxes. (3)
Estimate: £50 - £70 Sold For: £240
Matchbox Models of Yesteryear "The Matchbox Diecast Muscle Car Collection" YMC01 Chevelle SS - red, black body stripes through to YMC12 1971 Dodge Challenger - purple, white body stripes plus others - Near Mint to Mint in Excellent to Near Mint boxes. (12)
Estimate: £80 - £100 Sold For: £240
Matchbox Models of Yesteryear "The Perfect Toy" - MICA re-issue - Ice Cream Vendor - cream ice cream cart, red lid, dark blue bicycle and rider figure - generally Mint in Near Mint box.
Estimate: £50 - £60 Sold For: £360
Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y1 1929 Alchin Traction Engine - mid-green body and chassis, red spoked wheels, gold boiler door, with smooth unpainted rear wheels, riveted axles - very rare issue - Near Mint in Good type D1 box.
Estimate: £200 - £300 Sold For: £460