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The Specialist sale held on the 13th of August started with The Southern Collection, 218 lots of boxed and unboxed Dinky vehicles including tankers, wagons, trucks, road and racing cars, commercials and military, plus other items including French Dinky, Corgi, Schuco, Triang Minic and others. The West Yorkshire Collection included Corgi cars, gift sets, and TV and film related, plus Matchbox, Dinky Pre-war, French Dinky and Dinky trucks and wagons. A further Private Owner Collection featured Dinky (Code 2) John Gay Promotional Bedford vans and other promotional issues, plus later Dinky issues; Corgi kits, Juniors and Rockets; Triang Spot-on, “Tommy Spot” figures, Schuco and Matchbox. Further items in the sale included Tekno, Hornby Series Accessories, Dinky figure sets, pre war aircraft, Taylor & Barrett, Timpo product sets and much more.


Corgi GS41 "Transporter" Gift Set to include Ford Articulated Car Transporter - orange cab, blue Trailer, cast hubs - Excellent (does have some small chips on protruding edges and requires slight attention in cleaning) still a nice bright example, 6 x Cars (1) Rover 2000 - metallic maroon, cream interior, spun hubs; (2) Ford Consul Cortina Super Estate Car - blue body, wood effect side panels, chrome trim, spun hubs; (3) Hillman Imp - metallic bronze, white flashes, light tan luggage case (couple of small chips on bonnet); (4) Morris Mini Minor - very pale blue, lemon interior, silver trim, spun hubs; (5) BMC Mini Cooper S "Rallye Monte Carlo" - red including interior, white roof with 2 x autographs, spun hubs, racing number 2 and (6) Morris Mini Cooper "Wickerwork" - black, red roof, lemon interior, "Wickerwork" panels to side and rear, silver trim, spun hubs - conditions are generally Excellent to Near Mint (unless stated), polystyrene base is generally Good (does have some dirt marks and indentations) in a generally Excellent blue and yellow lift off lid with detail picture, also comes accompanied with correct instruction/collectors club folded leaflet and cones in sealed bag - see photo - outer transit sleeve is Good.
Estimate: £400 - £500 Sold For: £660
Dinky 30f Daimler "Ambulance" - Military issue for the South African Defense Force - finished in green including ridged hubs - outstanding Near Mint condition (although red and white crosses have had small labels attached) - still a superb example of a rare and hard to find issue.
Estimate: £400 - £500 Sold For: £1300
Dinky 239 Vanwall Racing Car - green, silver trim, chrome spun hubs with black treaded tyres, figure driver, racing number 35 to sides and bonnet - overall condition is generally Excellent (couple of small marks on edges) still a bright example of a harder issue to find in a Good (slightly grubby) yellow and red carded picture box.
Estimate: £80 - £100 Sold For: £500
Dinky 400 BEV Electric Truck - mid-blue including ridged hubs with black smooth tyres, light tan figure driver, metal tow hook - Near Mint in a Good yellow and red carded picture box with correct inner packing piece.
Estimate: £50 - £60 Sold For: £300
Dinky 501 Foden (1st Type) Diesel 8-wheeled Wagon - blue cab, back and ridged hubs with herringbone tyres, black chassis, silver trim and side flashes - overall condition is generally Good to Good Plus still a bright example in a generally Good buff lift off lid box with paper label, correct colour spot.
Estimate: £100 - £120 Sold For: £520
Dinky Pre-war 22 Series Delivery Van - orange, blue, purple washed wheels, "Hornby Series" base - Good still a bright example.
Estimate: £280 - £320 Sold For: £500
Corgi GS3 "Batman" 2-piece set to include Batmobile - finished in black, with Missiles attached to sprue and Batboat on Trailer - finished in red, black, gold Trailer - conditions are generally Near Mint a beautiful example, inner polystyrene tray is Near Mint, outer striped window box is Excellent - see photo.
Estimate: £200 - £240 Sold For: £460
Dinky Pre-war 31 "Holland Coachcraft - red body, silver trim with gold side flashes, smooth hubs with white tyres - although overall condition is generally Good (does have some fatigue marks to roof and back curved edges) still a bright example.
Estimate: £400 - £460 Sold For: £580
Dinky 902 (502) Foden (2nd Type) Flat Truck - yellow cab and chassis, mid-green back and Supertoy hubs with grey treaded tyres, silver trim, metal tow hook - Good Plus (does have small chips and marks to bed rear edges) in a generally Good Plus blue and white striped lift off lid box with harder to find (dual numbered 502/902 end) - see photo.
Estimate: £180 - £220 Sold For: £560
Dinky 448 Chevrolet El Camino Pick-up Truck - two-tone turquoise, cream, silver trim, red interior, chrome spun hubs - Excellent with 2 x "Acme" Trailers - red, silver, spun hubs - Excellent to Excellent Plus, comes in a generally Good Plus to Excellent yellow and red lift off lid box with detail picture (couple of small creases and marks on edges) still a bright example.
Estimate: £120 - £140 Sold For: £620