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The Matchbox sale which was held on the 29th of June incuded two private owner collections. The Belgium Collection and the Bruges Collections, both featured Matchbox Regular Wheels, boxed and unboxed, single models and groups, including cars, commercials, buses, tractors and emergency vehicles plus others. The collections also included Gift Sets, Major Packs, King Size and Super King. Further items in the sale included sales and service stations, Accessory and Major Packs, Super Kings, Speed Kings, King Size and Superfast. The sale also included unlisted variations, factory errors and unfinished models, plus, counter displays, books, catalogues, artwork, games and sets.



Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y4 1930 Duesenberg Model J Towncar - Issue 1 - white body with cast open roof cross, dark yellow seats & roof, brick red chassis (orange-red), front & rear bumpers without model number cast, cast open air horns, chrome 24-spoke wheels - Good to Good Plus with paint chips to wings and considerably chrome loss to the plated parts and roof distorted in Good woodgrain window box.
Estimate: £200 - £300 Sold For: £1000
Matchbox Super Kings K74 Volvo 245 Estate Car - brick red body, windows have very pale smoke grey tint, red interior, brick red base with incomplete copyright date & without model number cast, Maltese Cross wheels, interestedly model has circular headlamps rather than the square headlamps of the production version, the Volvo badge & diagonal bar across the grille are also of a thinner profile than production models - overall Near Mint but does have a few minor factory paint flaws to roof.
Estimate: £200 - £240 Sold For: £620
Matchbox Regular Wheels PS5 Army Transport Gift Set - all model shave crimped axles - containing (1) 49a US Army Half Truck - 20-tread grey plastic wheels, metal rollers with original & pliable grey rubber tracks; (2) 54a Saracen Armoured Personnel Carrier - closed rear base, 30-tread black plastic wheels; (3) 55a DUKJW Amphibian - gloss black base, 18-tred grey plastic wheels; (4) 61a Ferret Scout Car- tan driver with factory error in reverse, closed right rear mudguard, gloss black base, 30-tread black plastic wheels; (5) 62a AEC General Service Lorry; (6) 63a Ford Military Ambulance - white hole to base, 24-tread black plastic wheels; (7) M3 Mighty Antar Tank Transporter with Centurion Tank load - tank has gloss black base, metal rollers with original & pliable grey rubber tracks - contents Excellent to Mint (some models with rusty axles in Fair incomplete & tape repaired box with Good Plus to Excellent inner card tray.
Estimate: £180 - £220 Sold For: £460
Matchbox Regular Wheels 34b Volkswagen Caravette Camper Van - unlisted Stannard Code - pale green body with silver trim, turquoise green windows, both opening doors have type B raised interior face around window openings, narrow right hand door box, dark green interior & non-rivetted base, 45-tread black plastic wheels - Near Mint to Mint with just a couple of minor factory assembly marks - in Excellent Plus just a little creased at one corner type D4 box.
Estimate: £60 - £80 Sold For: £190
Matchbox Regular Wheels G2 Car Transporter Gift Set containing (1) 22c Pontiac GP Coupe; (2) 28c Jaguar Mk.10; (3) 36c Opel Diplomat; (4) 75b Ferrari Berlinetta; (5) K8 Guy Warrior Car Transporter - turquoise tractor unit, orange trailer with red plastic suspension & later black outline decals, orange plastic hubs with grey tyres - Near Mint to Mint in Good Plus creased shrink wrapped type E box with damage to plastic tray.
Estimate: £120 - £150 Sold For: £440
Matchbox Regular Wheels 56a London Trolleybus - red body with smooth roof interior, matt black trolleypoles, matt black base, 18-tread grey plastic wheels with crimped axles - Excellent (a few tiny chips to edge of roof lightly touched-in) in Excellent later period type D2 box printed by Bowaters.
Estimate: £100 - £130 Sold For: £360
Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Y25 1910 Renault type AG Van "Perrier" - rare issue 1 - green body, white type A roof with single side & rear support struts, white seats, dark green chassis, gold 12-spoke wheels - overall Excellent but models does have some damage with minor crack to rear roof rail, incomplete brass spare tyre carrier which is also missing tyre in Excellent straw window box.
Estimate: £40 - £60 Sold For: £620
Matchbox Super Kings ERF Simon Snorkel Fire Engine Pre-production colour trial - white body & base with copyright date & model number cast, tan turntable, metallic green lower arm, tan upper arm & hydraulic rams, burnt orange interior, Maltese Cross wheels - Fair with incomplete rear retaining bracket for opening pump door, upper arm incomplete & missing fire fighting platform.
Estimate: £40 - £50 Sold For: £420
Matchbox Speed Kings K69 Europa Caravan Pre-production trial model - tan plastic body with brown opening door & interior, clear windows without any curtains, white Speed Kings chassis & base, Maltese Cross wheels - overall Near Mint with factory "flow-lines" throughout the roof section of the plastic body caused by a small residual amount of a different coloured plastic remaining within the supply pipes.
Estimate: £70 - £90 Sold For: £320
Matchbox Superfast 62b Mercury Cougar Rat Rod Dragster - dark lime green body, clear windows, red interior, rare silver painted base, 4-spoke wide rear wheels - Mint apart from usual minor factory assembly mark to engine air intake in Good to Good Plus type G box without "New" to end flaps.
Estimate: £60 - £80 Sold For: £260
Matchbox Superfast DS-3 (VU-75) retailers wall mounted plastic vac-form display case intended to display the entire range of Superfast models with "Matchbox 75" centre panel - Excellent (cracks to bottom right hand corner of clear plastic lid) in Fair original Lesney brown card transit carton with inner packing pieces.
Estimate: £100 - £130 Sold For: £340