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The Model Train sale held on the 26th of April started with a good selection of OO Gauge British Outline, plus HO USA & Continental Outline, and N Gauge locomotives and rolling stock. Further items included Triang Railways and Triang Minic Motorway and vehicles, Wrenn Railways and Bing Table Top electric and clockwork locomotives, coaches and rolling stock; plus, Hornby, modern and further O Gauge. There was a large collection of large-scale models including Gauge 1 & Larger, plus Part 2 of The North Wales Collection - including further Large scale locomotives, coaches and rolling stock, track and buildings; and a Single Owner G Gauge Collection of LGB G Gauge catalogue reference and Garden Railway Specialists items.  The sale concluded with an American Outline S Gauge model, Books, Magazines & Catalogues, Meccano & Other Constructional Toys and our usual good selection of General Trains.


5" Gauge 4-6-0 Loco and Tender LMS Black Rebuilt Royal Scot class ‘Royal Engineer’ No.6109, coal fired live steam. Finish in wartime black with name plate over centre splasher and running numbers to cab sides. Some rubbing to LMS lettering and running numbers particularly to one side. Include water sight gauge, lever operated firebox doors, safety, blower, lubricator, chassis detail includes twin outside cylinders, internal cylinders associated pipe work, etc, etc Tender in matching war time black with ‘LMS’ lettering to Tender side (some rubbing to lettering particularly to one side), Hand feed pump, detachable front section etc. Has been fired on very few occasions with a little firing debris inside the smokebox. There is no boiler certificate. The lot includes a 4 leg hard wood wooden display stand measuring 70 * 12 inches (177cm * 31cm) with display track and general tools. The full size Locomotive was built in September 1927, rebuilt in July 1943 and withdrawn in December 1962
Estimate: £4000 - £5000 Sold For: £6000
LGB/Aster G Gauge Limited Edition Reference 24832 Gauge 1 Pennsylvania GG1 Tuscan red No.4877. One of a limited number produced with certificate instructions. The loco includes multi train system with whistle signal crossing, brake sound, bell, announcements all aboard and tickets please, horn signal with echo, appears little used Near Mint in Excellent wooden box.
Estimate: £1000 - £1500 Sold For: £1100
5" Gauge part built/incomplete 4-6-2 Loco and Tender. Based on the Britannia Class, includes chassis with internal/external cylinders. bogie, pony and driving wheels. Copper boiler and 6-wheel tender chassis. Requires a number of parts to complete. An ideal project for the model engineer. Good.
Estimate: £600 - £900 Sold For: £1800
2 1/2" Gauge Class 70 Diesel electric Locomotive Southern green. Superbly constructed as a copy of the 2 produced by the Southern Railways. Co-Co 6-wheel power units with 2 motors per unit. Motors stamped 24dc with other trade stampings, detailed outside electric pick-ups, all sprung drives with fully operational Leaf springs supported on rubber bushes. Finished in dark green and grey with white lining and "Southern" to white sides of loco. The cab construction is sectionalised with parts bolted together as on the real locomotive. There is no provision for the single overhead pantograph as on the real locomotive and appears that no provision was made to fit this to the model. The locomotives is believed to be a Southern works/Apprentice built but to date no evidence has come to light to confirm this but the quality of manufacturer and finish of the model would suggest professional construction. An interesting historical model of the Class 70 Locomotive produced during and immediately after World War 2. 2 of these Class 70 Locomotives were built by the Southern Railway these being a co-operation between Oliver Bulleid (The Chief Mechanical Engineer) and Alfred Raworth (Chief Electrical Engineer). The first being commission from the Ashford Works in 1941 and the second in 1945.
Estimate: £700 - £900 Sold For: £950
Hornby (China) pair of HST Sets consisting of R2704 Virgin Trains and R2701 BR Intercity. Near Mint to Mint in Excellent boxes. (2)
Estimate: £90 - £130 Sold For: £260
Bachmann pair of Great Central Steam Outline Locomotives consisting of Ref 31-145 NRM with a 4-4-0 Loco and Tender Class D11 "Butler Henderson" No.506. Ref 31-001Y 2-8-0 Loco and Tender lined black Robinson Class 8K No.1185. Both exclusively produced for the National Railway Museum. Near Mint in Good Plus boxes. (2)
Estimate: £100 - £140 Sold For: £300
Kernow Model Centre Exclusive Locomotive and Coaches consisting of K2101 Adams 02 Tank Locomotive BR black "Calbourne" No.24, Ref K2102 02 Tank Loco BR black "Ventnor" No.16 together with Ref K1004 LSWR Gate Stock pair of BREXSR Coaches. Near Mint in Excellent boxes. (3)
Estimate: £60 - £80 Sold For: £220
Graham Farish (by Bachmann) Freight Rolling Stock (much duplication) comprising 9 x 373-626 Railfreight OBA Open Wagon, 373-401 Railfreight 5-plank OAA Wagon, 4 x 373-052 Railfreight VBA Box Van, 8 x 373-403 Railfreight OAA 5-plank Open, 4 x 373-036 Rail Lease PGA Hopper, conditions Good Plus to Excellent in Good to Excellent boxes. (26)
Estimate: £80 - £120 Sold For: £200
Bing Table Top electric Loco and Rolling Stock comprising 2-4-0 L&NER green livery along with 3 x Goods Wagons (2 x grey Box Van and yellow Shell Tanker), conditions Fair to Good. (4)
Estimate: £80 - £120 Sold For: £260
Meccano No.1 Non Constructor Motor Car finished in two-tone blue, would benefit from a clean, working when tested with key.
Estimate: £150 - £260 Sold For: £360
5" Gauge 0-6-0 Tank Loco Southern green "Terrier" No.8, coal fired. Fitted with 2 internal cylinders. Has been heavily painted in green and lettered Southern to tank sides with running number 8 to cab sides. Will require some work otherwise generally Good.
Estimate: £400 - £600 Sold For: £800
Sancheng (China) G Gauge 45mm all brass construction double Fairlie Locomotive in lined maroon named "Merddin Emrys", locomotive body is factory built, painted and lined and comes complete in the box with 2 power bogies fitted with cannon motors. Unused Mint boxed.
Estimate: £300 - £400 Sold For: £520