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The Military, Civilian figures, equipment and accessories sale  held on the 19th May started with Modern Issues from Britains, Contemporary Issues from King and Country plus further items from Heyde, CBG and Triang Minic. The sale also included Composition & Tinplate Figures, Vehicles & Accessories, Civilian Figures, Vehicles & Accessories, Plastic Issues plus boxed and unboxed Britains Military Issues. There was a nice selection of Britains Racing Colours of Famous Owners plus Toy Soldier & Military Books, Catalogues, Artwork, and Militaria.


Britains for Gamages - Types of the U.S. Forces [Cavalry Display Set], circa, 1939/41, comprising: Cavalry Officer - Empty Handed in Peaked Cap, Bugler, Colour Bearer with Furled Colour & 4 x Troopers Holding Carbines. All Depicted in Khaki Uniforms with Brown Boots / Belts and Khaki Side Caps. Near Mint overall, contained [strung - insert Over Stamped: "Gamages of Holborn"] in a Very Good Gamages [Orange] Pre -War Style printed label set box. Extremely Rare Export Set, the First Example to be sold by Vectis
Estimate: £2000 - £3000 Sold For: £4000
Britains - Set 2016 - Japanese Imperial Guards - Cavalry & Infantry [1948 Issue], comprising: Mounted Officer on Grey Cantering Horse with Drawn Sabre, 4 x Troopers Carrying Lances [Black & Brown Horses] - Red over White Pennons, Marching [infantry] Officer with Drawn Sword & 8 x Guardsmen Marching at the Slope depicted in Olive Drab Service Dress & Peaked Caps with Red Banding. Near Mint overall, contained [strung] in a generally Good [some storage wear / old repairs] ROAN label box. Rare Issue
Estimate: £1500 - £2000 Sold For: £2800
Heyde - No'. "0" [120mm] size solids made prior to 1945 by Georg Heyde of Dresden, Germany, comprising: Englisch Uhlanen [English Lancers] - Mounted Officer with Drawn Sabre, Mounted Trumpeter & 5 x Mounted Lancers with Held Lances. Mounted on Standing Horses. The Horses have Separate Saddles. Some minor age wear/restoration otherwise generally Excellent overall. Extremely Rare, the First Examples to be Sold by Vectis. [21 pieces including saddles]
Estimate: £1400 - £1800 Sold For: £2900
Britains - Civilian Series - Bulk Range, Salesman Sample Set [Circa, Mid, 1950's], comprising: 25 x Bulk Animal, Figure & Accessory Types, Includes: Blacksmith with Anvil, Style, Mounted Farmer, Signpost, Etc. Mint overall, contained [Strung - Salesman Insert with Numbered Catalogue Labels Beneath Each Item], in a generally Excellent [minor storage wear / sun fading] Plain Britains Type box with "FARM BULK 573 - 602" label to end. Extremely Rare Survivor, the First Example of this Variant to be Sold by Vectis
Estimate: £900 - £1200 Sold For: £1300
Britains -Set 901 Indian Elephant, comprising: Pre War - Indian Elephant. Minor paint chips otherwise Very Good overall, contained in a Poor - Fair [Moderate storage wear / label badly soiled] Cardboard box with a "Zoological Series" blue printed white paper label.
Estimate: £20 - £30 Sold For: £140
Britains - for C.F. Eckhardt - Army Service Corps Supply Wagons and Escort [1908 version], comprising: 2 x Wagon Sets each consisting of: 4 x Horse Team at the Walk [Collar Harness], 2 x Drivers with Whips, Wire "Rope" Traces , 4 x Wheeled Wagon with Khaki Finish, 2 x Seated Orderlies & 5 x Card "ASC" Boxes, Mounted Officer on a "Scots Grey" Type Horse with Extended Sword Arm, Officer on Foot with Drawn Sword & 7 x Infantry Marching at the Trail all Depicted in Khaki Uniforms with Slouch Hats. Oval Un-marked Bases. Some minor age wear otherwise generally Excellent overall. A Very Rare Set. [20 Pieces]
Estimate: £950 - £1200 Sold For: £2600
Britains - Set 144 - Royal Field Artillery [1906 Version], comprising: 3 x Team Horses, 3 x Team Horses with Drivers all at the Walk in Collar Harness, Grey Limber, Grey Field Gun, 2 x Seated Gunners & Mounted Officer with Extended Sword Arm. Some minor paint loss Otherwise generally Very Good overall. [5 pieces]
Estimate: £120 - £200 Sold For: £480
Britains - From Set 318 - Royal Artillery - Royal Horse Artillery [Active Service Order] at the Halt [1929/30 Issue], now comprising: 6 x Horse Team at the Halt, 3 x Drivers with Whips [Depicted in Khaki ASO & Peaked Caps], Fumed Metal Limber & Field Gun. Some minor paint loss otherwise generally Good overall. Rare Issue. [2 Pieces]
Estimate: £90 - £150 Sold For: £700
Britains - Special Paint Version, 1930's Issue - Indian Cavalry, comprising: Mounted Officer with Extended Sabre Arm, Mounted Trumpeter on Grey Horse & 3 x Sowars on Black/Brown Horses with Short Carbines. All Horses un-marked. Figures depicted in Fawn Brown Uniforms, Pale Blue/Dark Blue Turbans, Green Waist Sashes & Black Boots. For a Similar Set See: Opie, British Toy Soldiers, 1893 - 2013, Page, 63. Some minor paint chipping otherwise generally Excellent overall. [5]
Estimate: £200 - £300 Sold For: £520
Britains - for Hamleys of London [Un-catalogued Set] - Royal Marine Colour Party [1938 Only], comprising: 2 x Marching Officers with Drawn Swords, 2 x Colour Bearers with Tin Printed Flags & 3 x Colour Sergeants Marching at the Slope. Near Mint [some age wear to flags] overall. Ref: Opie GBoB, Page: 322, Rare Issue
Estimate: £750 - £950 Sold For: £2200