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The military, civilian figures, equipment and accessories sale which will be held on the 28th of September starts with 167 lots of Britains modern Issues, including Britains Limited edition sets, special collector’s edition series, Delhi Durbar range and many more. Further items include Trophy Miniatures Zulu war series, Mulberry Miniatures Napoleonic range, CBG Mignot, Timpo and Wethra plus others. Civilian Figures, Equipment & Accessories also feature from Britains, John Hill, Timpo and Charbens and Plastic Figures, Equipment & Accessories include Starlux 1st Empire Napoleonic series, Timpo solids, Herald Miniatures, Britains Swoppet and “Eyes Right” series’. A lovely collection of Timpo Wild West range boxed sets are featured in The Michael Maughan Timpo Reference Collection and the sale concludes with Britains Racing Colours of Famous Owners plus The Ossington Collection.

Britains Modern Issues [Centenary Series], comprising: Set 5891 - The Coronation of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II [from a limited edition of only 85 pieces, presented at the Britains Centenary Dinner - held on 26th June 1993]. Mint, contained in a Mint Centenary Series Box with a Personalised Hand Written Label [ROY SELWYN-SMITH - Britains Chief Designer / Sculptor / Director] Accompanied by the Limited Edition [85 Pieces Produced] Guards Museum Paperweight presented at the same event [Only the 2nd Pair to be Sold by Vectis]. Extremely RARE Issue to an Iconic Individual in the World of Toy Soldiers. [2]
Estimate: £300 - £500 Sold For: £190
CBG Mignot - 1001 Nuits [The Arabian Nights] Post War Issue, comprising: 40 x Piece [Figures & Accessories] Set Representing The Sultan's Palace & The Telling of the 1001 Arabian Nights Stories. Mint, contained in a near Mint CBG Hinged Diorama [L:60 x D:30 x H:18 cm]set box. Superb & Scarce.
Estimate: £300 - £500 Sold For: £1,400
Lucotte - Napoleonic Range - [ Époque Margat 1913/28] - Austrian Kurassiers, 1812, comprising: Officer with Drawn Sabre, Trumpeter, Colour Bearer & 4 x Troopers with Drawn Sabres. Some minor paint chips otherwise generally Excellent overall. now contained [unstrung] in a near Mint CBG Issue Lucotte Style set box.
Estimate: £300 - £500 Sold For: £320
Lucotte - Napoleonic Range - [ Époque Margat 1913/28] - Mounted Types of the First Empire, comprising: 10 x French 1st Empire Types, Includes: Grenadiers a Cheval, Carabinier, Gendarme d'Elite, Etc. Some paint chips & age wear otherwise generally Good overall. [30 Pieces Including Horses/Saddles]
Estimate: £150 - £200 Sold For: £340
DeAgostini - Model Space - Ship Model Series, comprising: 1/250th Scale Ship Model - IJN Akagi - Aircraft Carrier Flagship of the Imperial Japanese Navy [Length: 40" / 1.02m].Constructed from Laser Cut Wood, Brass Etch, White Metal. Complete with 21 Aircraft, Battle Flags & Bespoke Display Stand. This Example was Assembled by a Professional Model Making Company as a Display / Publicity Model for DeAgostini. Mint overall, contained in the original Shipping Box with internal fixing points. A Superb Model.
Estimate: £500 - £800 Sold For: £480
Britains - Set 1392 - Cierva C.30 Autogiro [1935 version], comprising: Blue Fuselage with White Stripe - marked "G-ACIN" - Tinplate Tail Planes and 3 Rotor Blades, Original White Rubber Tyres, Brown Propeller Blades, Pilot in White Flying Suit. Includes Original Tail Mounted [workable] Brass Pulley Wheel Assembly & Coil of Wire Allowing the Model to Slide Down a Fixed Wire Causing the Propeller & Rotor Blades to Rotate. Mint overall, contained [original slotted insert - it Appears as if the Contents have never Been Removed from the Tray] in a generally Very Good [minor storage wear to lid] illustrated [grey] label [orange] set box. Very Rare, the Most Complete & Finest Example Yet to Sold by Vectis.
Estimate: £750 - £950 Sold For: £1,200
Britains - Racing Colours Series - [Uncatalogued Pre-War Issue] - Owner - Mr. J. Buchanan-Jardine, comprising: Horse - Brown, Jockey Colours - White Cap & Blue Silks with White Cross. Ref: Kirk [2nd Edition], Plate 2 - 4:2. Near Mint overall. Extremely Rare Issue, the First Example to be Sold by Vectis. [2 pieces]
Estimate: £400 - £500 Sold For: £520
Britains - Racing Colours American Series - [1940] - Owner - Mr. C.E. Furry, comprising: Horse - Brown, Jockey Colours - Red Cap - Blue Silks with Red Arm Hoops. Near Mint overall. Generally near Mint overall. From the Family Collection of Author John Roberts ["Reference Guide to Britains Racing Colours of Famous Owners Issued by William Britain 1925 - 1960"], Published: 2014/2020. Extremely Rare Issue, Only the 2nd Example to be Sold by Vectis. [2 pieces]
Estimate: £400 - £500