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I came from a home where my parents were collectors, who back in the 70’s travelled every weekend within 100 miles to auctions and antique shops in hopes in findings some treasures. And yes, I went on many of those trips with them. It did not take long to see that I was a born collector as, at the ripe old age of 8, I did not play with my toys or trade my baseball cards away.

At that time, I was putting the best of what I had, away in shoeboxes to keep them in the best condition possible and away from my friends’ grubby hands. Over the years I have collected Baseball cards, stamps, coins, Cracker Jack prizes, Tiffany Studios and Vintage Louis Vuitton trunks. But my favourite and my first love goes back to 1966 at 8 years old when I got my first taste of Lesney/ Moko/ Matchbox cars and trucks. For the next 4 years the joy of obtaining all the new models as they came out was just pure joy to me growing up. As all my friends were re-enacting the world’s biggest auto wrecks with their pieces, I was placing mine in my pristine Matchbox cases. My friends were baffled and just wanted to know why I did not play with them. Fast forward 50 years later, and I still have all my original Matchbox toys sitting in the original cases for me to enjoy and remember my wonderful magical childhood and all the smiles they still give me. Then came the 90’s, I still have the bug in me, now in my 30’s a bit older and wiser and some money in the bank, I set out to get the brass ring. I was after the grand prize, the infamous Early Lesney and Early Moko models. I not only wanted to see how many I could find but I desired to have all the different variations and the finest models I could find. So now here we are, I am now 64 and have put together one of the finest Early Lesney/ Moko collections you can find. I absolutely loved with a passion, putting this collection together. Now it is time to pass it along to all the others around our globe, to those who also share the passion and want to own some very rare pieces and finest known examples. 

Matchbox early Moko Lesney Toys large scale Aveling Barford Diesel Road Roller - 3rd & final production version - khaki body with driver cast, khaki canopy the underside of which has casting pips either side of the word in, bare metal canopy supports without rear cross brace, red metal rollers - overall Excellent but does have usual paint loss to edge of rollers. Superb example of a rare colour.
Estimate: £500 - £600 Sold For: £1,300
Matchbox early Moko Lesney Toys Horse Drawn Milk Float (Milk Cart) - rare dark blue float without ejector ring cast below seat & white trim, metallic graphite grey horse, white driver, grey metal wheels, complete with load of 6 x white large crates - Good Plus with some paint chips particularly around seat, footrest & shanks in Fair to Good box with some tears to end flaps. This rare colour variation still displays well and is one of the nicest we have offered for sale.
Estimate: £400 - £600 Sold For: £2,600
Matchbox early Moko Lesney Toys large scale Horse Drawn Rag & Bone Merchants Cart - rare light green body with red wheels, metallic graphite grey horse, tan driver, complete with khaki crate & 6 x original bare metal pieces of junk - Excellent with just a few tiny chips, right hand seat backrest just slightly cast/bent out of shape & rusty axles in Good a little creased & stained box. Superb example amongst the best we have ever offered for sale.
Estimate: £400 - £500 Sold For: £2,500
Matchbox early Moko Lesney Toys large scale Massey Harris Tractor - red body with white & gold trim, light tan wheels & steering mechanism - Excellent Plus with corrosion to both raised cast circles on hood in Good Plus a little dirty & scuffed from storage box complete with Excellent rare inner card packing pieces.
Estimate: £300 - £400 Sold For: £800
Matchbox early Moko Lesney Toys large scale Soap Box Racer - metallic copper body, bare metal base with "A Lesney Product made in England" cast, bare metal wheels, complete with ORIGINAL driver figure - Good Plus with some paint chips particularly to edge of Soap Box cockpit.
Estimate: £1,200 - £1,600 Sold For: £3,600
Moko Merry-Go-Round - blue & red base with blue & maroon canopy complete with 5 x original metal seats & 5 x original figures - Good to Good Plus in Poor previously tape repaired box with detached but still present lid. Very rare toy to find in any condition.
Estimate: £600 - £800 Sold For: £3,200
Moko Mechanised Heavy Tractor with clockwork motor - orange body, black metal rollers with original & pliable one of which is a little discoloured, complete with original key & original driver figure - Good Plus with some paint chips, driver is Fair to Good in Good to Good Plus a little creased & discoloured box. Rare model which still displays well.
Estimate: £300 - £400 Sold For: £1,800
Moko Georg Adam Mangold (Gama) 1920's pre-war clockwork tinplate Limousine - length: 9.25"/23.5cm - dark green lithographed body with black roof & chassis, grey "Semperit Cord" wheels, yellow & red chauffeur, opening rear doors, opening hood revealing a 6-cylinder engine (missing two piston crowns), fixed key clockwork motor provides forward & reverse drive via a drivers door mounted handbrake lever which also provides for a neutral setting of the transmission, when in operation the pistons realistically fire up and down, radiator has Moko trademark along with "D.R.P.a." - overall Good with spidering to roof along with various other scratches to wings & running boards, both rear wheels are also somewhat loose on their axle. Impressive pre-war toy the first we have offered for sale.
Estimate: £200 - £300 Sold For: £950