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The Matchbox sale held on the 15th October featured two impressive collections. The sale started with Part 1 of the Bruce King Collection which included over 340 lots of cars, commercials, buses and farm vehicles from Regular Wheels, Accessory & Major Packs, King Size and Models of Yesteryear. The Mike Linham Fire Engine Collection featured Regular Wheels, King Size, Models of Yesteryear, Superfast, Super Kings & Speed Kings, and includes cars, engines and trucks, plus gift sets, fire stations, and horse drawn.


Matchbox Super Kings Saval Kronenburg B.V. MAC 12 Airport Crash Tender Pre-production trial model - red body with City Airport Authority Airport Fire Rescue labels, silver roof sections, bare metal roof foam monitor, turquoise green roof-lights, clear windows, black rear roof mounted exhausts, silver painted base with incomplete copyright date and without model number cast, black plastic wheels with red hubs, rear roof can be opened to reveal internal water tank & hose running from tank to roof monitor but we are unable to confirm if an electric motor is fitted to this model but certainly there is no electrical wiring or battery terminal within the body cavity. This is the actual trial model illustrated on Page 57 of "Collecting Matchbox Diecast Toys the First 40 Years" book by Kevin McGimpsey and Stewart Orr - Excellent Plus with some black flaking from monitor retaining clip and central right hand body label stating to peel away from body (see extra photo). Impressive large scale model that was never put into production by the factory, this being the first we have offered for sale complete with the intended labels applied.
Estimate: £2000 - £2400 Sold For: £9000
Matchbox Regular Wheels 66a Citroen DS19 - Stannard Code 4 - darker shade yellow body with rear silver trim & type B roof interior, gloss black base, 20-tread silver plastic wheels - Excellent Plus (door handles neatly painted silver & a couple of tiny chips to base) in Excellent to Excellent Plus just slightly creased rare late issue type D1 box. Nice example.
Estimate: £500 - £600 Sold For: £3400
Matchbox Regular Wheels G5 Fire Station Gift Set containing (1) 29c Fire Pumper Truck "Denver"; (2) 54b Cadillac Ambulance with door decals; (3) 59c Ford Galaxie Fire Chief Car - red body with hood & door decals, blue roof light - all Mint factory blister packed to printed card roadway; (4) MF1 red roof Fire Station - Excellent Plus with usual factory glue residue in Good rare type E window box complete with inner card packing piece (tear to bottom right corner of box & replacement perspex window). Very rare set to find in any condition today.
Estimate: £400 - £500 Sold For: £950
Matchbox Regular Wheels 47a Trojan Brooke Bond Tea Van - Stannard Code 4 - red body with mask sprayed silver trim to grille & headlamps, gloss black base, 9.5 x 20-tread grey plastic wheels - overall Near Mint with a couple of tiny pin size chips only in Good Plus very clean but a little creased rare type D1 box printed by Pembroke Abbey.
Estimate: £300 - £400 Sold For: £700
Matchbox Regular Wheels 52a 1948 Maserati 4CLT Racing Car - unlisted Stannard Code - lemon yellow body with silver grille & bonnet stud cast, rare racing number 41 decals (from No.41b Jaguar D-type), white type B driver with ejector ring, gloss black base, wire wheels - Near Mint with tiny pin size chip to drivers head & upper edge of rear body in Excellent type D2 box printed by Pembroke Abbey with a couple of minor small tears to end flaps. Rare unlisted variation with this racing number.
Estimate: £300 - £400 Sold For: £1100
Matchbox Regular Wheels G4 Race Track Gift Set containing (1) 13d Dodge BP Wreck Truck; (2) 19d Lotus F1 Racing Car - dark green body with racing number 3 decals; (3) as (2) but orange body with racing number 3 decals; (4) 29c Fire Pumper Truck "Denver"; (5) 41c Ford GT40 - rare dark yellow body with racing number 6 hood decal; (6) as (5) but white body with racing number 6 decal (missing one tyre & two other tyres pushed into body); (7) 52b BRM F1 Racing Car - blue body with racing number 3 decals; (8) as (7) but red body with racing number 5 decals; (9) 54b Cadillac Ambulance; (10) K5 King Size Racing Transporter (cab glazing incomplete); (11) Grand Prix track layout - all Excellent to Mint although some tyres are loose & blue BRM missing top part of left hand decal in Near Mint type E1 window box with minor black crayon graffiti to one side, still complete with original factory shrink wrap although this has been split across three sides to allow removal of vehicles, complete with outer plain card transit sleeve which is Good. Although there are some faults to the contents, this is an exceptional condition box the best we have seen.
Estimate: £300 - £400 Sold For: £620
Matchbox Regular Wheels 59b Ford Fairlane Fire Chief Car - Stannard Code 3 - red body with early full width hood decal & with rear silver trim, without wheel arch cast ribs, clear windows, ivory interior, gloss black base, rare 24-tread silver plastic wheels - Excellent with a few tiny chips in Excellent Plus "New Model" type D2 box printed by Pembroke Abbey with some scuff marks to one end flap. Very rare issue with silver plastic wheels.
Estimate: £150 - £200 Sold For: £1100
Matchbox Models of Yesteryear G7 Gift Set containing (1) Y3 London Tramcar - fully cast shut stairs, cast open upper deck, cream roof, gold trim to controller & headlamps, grey lifeguards, gloss black base, metal wheels; (2) Y4 Shand Mason Horsedrawn Fire Engine "Kent Fire Brigade" - white horses, brass boiler & pump, type A cast open rear footplate, complete with figures removed from sprue with gold helmets; (3) Y11 Aveling & Porter Steam Roller with black canopy supports; (4) Y12 London Horsedrawn Bus - tan lower deck ceiling, single drawbar rivet; (5) Y13 Santa Fe Locomotive - gold trim to chimney & condensers only, silver headlamp, brass boiler door, gloss black base with green rear rivet - contents are Excellent to Mint in Good type D1 box with a couple of tears to corners complete with Good original packing tray.
Estimate: £100 - £120 Sold For: £440
Matchbox Superfast 35a Merryweather Marquis Fire Engine promotional issue "Flame Proof Wool" - bright red body, 5-spoke wide wheels with black twin rivet axle clips - Excellent Plus (glue showing through labels which are a little discoloured) in Good to Good Plus a little stained promotional all card box.
Estimate: £150 - £200 Sold For: £1600
Matchbox Superfast group of Japanese market Sets & Models. (1) C-11 Airport Gift Set containing Skybusters Air France Airbus, ANA Boeing 747, Airport Foam Monitor Crash Tender, Icarus Airport Coach & Play Mat; (2) C-6 Emergency Gift Set containing MB18/MB57 Fire Engine; MB63/MB31 Merryweather Snorkel Fire Engine; MB75 Police Helicopter; Nissan Fairlady 280ZX Police Car; (3) MB31 Merryweather Snorkel Fire Engine; (4) MB57 Fire Engine - all Near Mint to Mint in Good to Near Mint window boxes. (4)
Estimate: £70 - £80 Sold For: £320
Matchbox Super Kings K110 Iveco Turntable Fire Engine Pre-production trial model (model was released as a Magirus Deutz) - red plastic cab without roof-lights, black plastic grille, windows have very pale amber tint, black interior & wheelarches red plastic rear body with white hose reel & rear wings, bare metal turntable with silver-grey plastic ladder, bare metal chassis & base with Matchbox International made in England K109/K110 base text & 1984 copyright date, chrome 5-spoke wheels - Excellent with some black paint marks to cab roof.
Estimate: £60 - £80 Sold For: £520