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Why you may ask did I get involved with Matchbox? “Simples”. During one morning’s assembly, my Headmaster held up a Lesney K18 Horse Transporter and relayed to all the school that toys should be kept in “as purchased condition”. I had of course that previous weekend just destroyed that very same model. So, I saved up my next four weeks pocket money and bought another, which I still own. This has led me on an enriching journey establishing lifelong friends, one of nearly 60 years. Jointly, we set up a model shop in Ipswich, hence the collection name. Ipswich Goods Junction was chosen because fate played yet another card. Namely, the signal box name-board laid on the floor, for sale at Collector’s Corner in Euston upon a rare visit.

Having a shop means you always need stock. So unfailingly, each month from the late 1970’s onwards we visited Woolwich Swapmeet. There we met an indoor car-booter! who worked for a leading London Wholesaler. Before you ask, I never enquired which one, but the factory at Hackney was not far away. I was offered every new model and variation that emerged. I simply put each visits booty straight into storage.

This explains two unique aspects of this collection. Firstly, not knowing what I bought means that we did not actively seek those that are obviously missing, but some select rarities from Vectis’s exceptional sales have been subsequently acquired. Secondly, Julian upon appraisal, remarked that “the boxes are stunning”.

I hope that this collection brings you the pleasure that we have been so fortunate to enjoy. And our other collections? – well that is another story.

Ipswich Goods Junction.



Part 2 of the Ipswich Goods Junction Collection was held on the 26th of November at Vectis Auctions.


For more information on this sale please conatct Julian Royse on