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Huge Action Figure Collection to be sold!

Perhaps the world’s best collection of modern, plastic toys to be sold at Vectis Auctions on Wednesday 19th August.

Mainly made up of small-scale action figures many people will remember from the 1980’s – 1990 including Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, Tron, Buck Rogers, Clash of the Titans, Flash Gordon and many more.  The majority of the collection is graded and display sealed (to prevent wear or deterioration) and has been amassed by one single owner.

Vectis has recently been experiencing an increasing demand for more modern toys, especially in excellent condition. These are toys that typically would not have cost a fortune but are now commanding high prices and reasons for collecting these are multiple. For some it reminds them of toys they had in childhood, others see them as works of art. Some collectors follow a series such as Captain Scarlet, Blackstar or Justice League or purchase figures to sit alongside graphic novel or comic book collections. There are also those that keep an eye on the investment potential of toys and buy accordingly.

The sale includes some rare The Lord of the Rings carded figures from the 1978 cartoon version which are estimated up to £500 per figure plus more obscure TigerSharks and Rock Lords action figures.

If you have not considered collecting action figures before this provides you with the opportunity to acquire excellent pieces which are pre-graded before they might become out of financial reach.

The Action Figure sale is the first of a two-day TV & Film sale. The second day follows with more rarities such as a Meccano Star Wars IG-88 Bounty Hunter figure estimated at £6,000. This figure appears for only a short period in the film so was not as popular as some of the others. Added to this is the fact it is on a Meccano (French release) square shaped, Empire Strikes Back 20 back card it narrows the number to be found in this condition to be a handful. It is not just figures, there is a POCH PBP Star Wars (Spanish) card only (no figure) with a pre-sale estimate of £700. If you have the toy for this packaging you would be looking at figures in excess of £30,000.

The sale will be live online as Vectis continues to focus on its online sales even in a post-Covid era. Items can be shipped worldwide, packed professionally by the in-house specialist packing team. Pre-sale quotes available

A full pictorial catalogue is online now - CLICK HERE TO VIEW

For more information please contact or +44 (0) 1642 750616

Vectis Auctions, Thornaby, Stockton on Tees, TS17 9JZ.

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Mattel Princess of Power 1984 She-Ra figure, UKG Graded Y80% CARD 80 BUBBLE 80 FIGURE 90, upon un-punched 8 back card.
Estimate: £60 - £80 Sold For: £200
Galoob Golden Girl 1984 Dragon Queen figure, UKG Graded 80% BOX 80 BUBBLE 85 FIGURE 85, within punched 38 back packaging.
Estimate: £40 - £60 Sold For: £80
Ban Dai Gobots Rock Lords 1986 Pulver-Eyes figure, UKG Graded 80%, BOX 80 BUBBLE 85 FIGURE 90, within un-punched 12 back packaging.
Estimate: £30 - £50 Sold For: £70
Mattel 1983 Masters of the Universe He-Man figure, UKG Graded Y80% CARD 80 BUBBLE 80 FIGURE 90, upon punched 12 back card.
Estimate: £200 - £300 Sold For: £580
Mattel 1987 Masters of the Universe Buzz-Saw Hordak figure, UKG Graded 80% CARD 80 BUBBLE 80 FIGURE 90, upon punched 8 back card.
Estimate: £160 - £240 Sold For: £260
Hasbro ThreeA Transformers Ultra Magnus 16" Premium Scale Collectable Figure, Limited Edition of 500, Near Mint complete, within Near Mint opened packaging. With original shipping box.
Estimate: £200 - £300 Sold For: £140