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Apologies to all these items are 2½ inch Gauge not 3 inch as previously displayed

Yes, Can you help us identify the following Vintage 2 1/2 inch Gauge Southern Electric locomotives. These have been in the same family since 1970 and alas the history has been lost over time. Any help you can give would be appreciated as these items will be placed in one of our specialist railway auctions early in 2019

  • 2 1/2 inch Gauge 5-car SR EMU – The body is all wood construction and painted in SR green with gold transferred class and car number together with doors handles on each car. There are 2 power cars and 3 passenger cars making a 5 car set.
The Power cars are 37inches and the Passenger cars 33 inches in length



  •  2 1/2 inch Gauge SR class 70 electric Locomotive. This is all metal bodied with 2 power units for each set of Co-Co units, superbly constructed, finish in SR green with opening doors

Southern Railway built 2 experimental Co-Co mixed traffic Locomotives these were a co-operation between Oliver Bulleid (Chief Mechanical Engineer) and Alfred Rawpath (Chief Electric Engineer) and the first one emerged from the Ashford works in 1941 painted in Photograph grey the second not emerging until 1945 in malachite green livery.



More detailed photographs are available on request

  • Have you seen these before?
  • Do you remember these running in the South at a garden or similar railway?
  • Are they from a promotional/Commercial display back in the 1950’s?
  • Do you remember them being made?
  • Have you seen anything similar?

Your help would be appreciated


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Alternatively email us at

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