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The General Toy sale held on the 18th of August featured a range of boxed and unboxed groups from Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox, Hot wheels, Bburago, Eaglemoss Collections, Oxford Diecast, EFE, including trade boxes, Lledo and more. The sale also included Corgi Aviation Archive, Triang ships, Lilliput Lane boxed groups, Britains hospital; Farm groups from Britains, Siku and others, Sun Star boxed Routemaster buses and coaches, and construction vehicles. Plus, vintage video game consoles, games and VHS and our usual good selection of general toys and display cabinets.


Triang a pair comprising of a boxed & unboxed "Jumbo Lorries" Lorry "County Farmers Ltd - Selsey" which is complete with milk churn load and original box, appears Good in Fair to Good outer open front and back box (please note plastic flatbed is detachable) & unboxed "Jumbo" Morris Tanker "Shell/BP" in yellow/white/red which appears Good although does suffer from paint chips, scratches along with the side Shell/BP decals missing small pieces. (2)
Estimate: £25 - £35 Sold For: £120
Commodore a group of Commodore Consoles and Peripherals of various states of disrepair comprising of a boxed Commodore "Omega 500" games console (console and power pack only in this box) & a Commodore boxed "Omega A 500 Plus Console" (console and power pack only in this box with box only belonging to "Cartoon Classics"). Conditions generally appear Fair in Poor outer boxes (these consoles and power packs have not been tested and not checked for completeness). Also to include in this lot is a small number of Commodore 64 spare parts and peripherals which include 2 x early dark brown/beige keyboard consoles, 3 x more recent lighter cream or similar keyboard consoles along with 4 x Commodore Computer cassette data units along with small number of Commodore power supplies. Conditions of these peripherals all appear Poor to Fair and upon appearance they look to have small parts or pieces missing along with cases cracked so would therefore suit restoration or someone looking for spare parts (none of these spare keyboard/consoles and tape drives have been tested or checked for completeness). (qty in 2 boxes)
Estimate: £30 - £40 Sold For: £220
Sega Games System - a group of boxed Games Cartridges for Mega Drive and similar to include Streets of Rage & Streets of Rage 2, Mortal Kombat 3, Sonic the Hedgehog "Sonic & Knuckles", Spiderman, Sonic the Hedgehog 3 "Sonic 3" along with others. These early Sega mega drive and similar games cartridges along with cases are fast becoming very collectable and would suit a retro/vintage gaming enthusiast. (qty)
Estimate: £40 - £50 Sold For: £220
Dinky (Norev/Atlas Editions) a boxed group to include 110 Aston Martin DB3S, 250 Fiat 600D, 480 Bedford 10 cwt Van "Kodak" along with others. Conditions all generally appear to be Near Mint to Mint although unchecked for completeness in Good Plus to Excellent outer boxes. (12)
Estimate: £60 - £70 Sold For: £280
Britains Hospital a boxed 7858 Hospital X-Ray Department Set. Conditions appear generally Near Mint in generally Good box. (1)
Estimate: £40 - £50 Sold For: £100
Sun Star a boxed RT Series 2920 RT113 - FXT288 "National War Bombs for Victory". Conditions appear generally Mint in Excellent box. (1)
Estimate: £50 - £70 Sold For: £170