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The Doll and Teddy Bear sale which was held on the 14th of July, featured over 530 lots. The sale included teddy bears from Steiff, Merrythought, Charlie Bears, Kaycee and other Artist bears; Hermann, Deans Rag Book, TY Beanie bears and many others, lots included Winnie The Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Sooty, Sweep, and Paddington. There was also a wide range of hard plastic, composition, cloth and vinyl dolls in the sale including, Pedigree Sindy, Chad Valley, Rosebud, vintage costume dolls and Peggy Nisbet historical characters. Further items in the sale included dolls houses, furniture and prams; Zapf Baby Born, Cabbage Patch Dolls, TV and Film related soft toys, collectable porcelain and money boxes, tinplate novelty toys, ducks, and Robertson’s Gollys’, plus an interesting accordion playing automaton and a walking, squeaking pig automaton.


Roullet et Decamps walking and squeaking pig automaton, French, c1910, clockwork mechanism with brake, pink kid leather covered papier mache, clear glass eyes with black pupils, nose, mouth and inner ears are painted pink, articulated neck and legs, brown painted hooves upon four encased metal wheels, curled tail; key wound mechanism enables head to turn from side-to-side via articulated neck, internal bellows voice box issues a squeaking sound, he also walks upon articulated wheeled legs, some fading and discolouration to kid leather, minor wear to edges, Good Plus to Excellent, 6.5"/165mm tall and 13"/33cm long. NB: Exquisite example in original condition.
Estimate: £500 - £700 Sold For: £1200
Steiff Millennium Carousel, 2000/2004, LE 2000, a complete set that would have taken over four years to collect, starting with the year 2000, including fully functional musical carousel (crank handle operated), 4 gondolas with bears, horse, elephant, tiger and monkey. Year 2000, white tag 038709, musical millennium carousel, also includes the first gondola, complete with pair of blonde/dark brown and light brown/dark brown mohair bears, light brown mohair horse, carousel 25"/58cm diameter, 25"/64cm tall, bears 4.75"/12cm, horse 5.5"/14cm; Year 2001, white tag 038716, second gondola with two more blonde/dark brown and light brown/dark brown mohair bears and a mohair elephant, bears 4.75"/12cm, elephant 5.5"/14cm; Year 2002, white tag 038723, third gondola containing another two cream/caramel and honey/caramel bears and a mohair tiger, bears 4.75"/12cm, tiger 5.5"/14cm; Year 2003, white tag 038730, fourth gondola with last two cream/rust brown and honey/rust brown bears and a monkey, bears 4.75"/12cm and monkey 4.75"/12cm, complete with certificate and matching limit numbers, 863, Excellent to Mint, original Good to Near Mint boxes. An opportunity to acquire this complete set.
Estimate: £200 - £240 Sold For: £520
Steiff Centenary Alfonzo teddy bear, exclusive for Teddy Bears of Witney, white tag 662591, LE 1908, 2008, this is a replica of the red mohair 1908 Steiff bear given to Princess Xenia of Russia by the Grand Duke George Michailovich, this bear has been faithfully reproduced even down to the clothing and each is individually hand finished, Near Mint to Mint, complete with certificates and Near Mint to Mint box, outer trade carton, 12"/31cm. Also comes complete with the Alfonzo Story book, written by Ian Pout.
Estimate: £100 - £200 Sold For: £440
Forget Me Not Williamson brown mohair artist designed teddy bear, by Liz Wiltshire, OOAK, black glass eyes, vertically stitched black nose, fully jointed, velveteen pads, forget-me-not embroidered to left foot pad, black claw stitching, designed to have an aged appearance, with swing label certificate, Excellent Plus, 20"/51cm.
Estimate: £100 - £200 Sold For: £520
Steiff Wizard of Oz Cowardly Lion teddy bear, white tag 682674, LE 1939, 2014, UK and North American Exclusive, blonde mohair, wearing courage medal, with swing label, certificate, Near Mint, with Good Plus box, 11"/28cm.
Estimate: £50 - £60 Sold For: £200
Steiff Wizard of Oz Toto (Dorothy's Dog), white tag 682261, LE 1939, 2012, brown tipped mohair, within wicker basket within Near Mint to Mint, chest tag, certificate, and Excellent Plus to Near Mint box, outer trade carton, 4.25"/11cm.
Estimate: £40 - £50 Sold For: £220
Door of Hope Mission-type, pair of dolls, Chinese (these dolls were produced 1901-1949): (1) Boy, with solid-domed wooden head, grey painted brows, black painted eyes, closed mouth, black painted side-part hair, head and arms (to the elbow) are carved from Chinese pear wood, cloth body, 7.5"/19cm. Wearing red silk embroidered jacket and cap, emerald green trousers; pair of black silk shoes. (2) Girl, with solid-domed wooden head, cloth body, 7.5"/19cm. Wearing dark blue silk embroidered jacket, pink cap, orange trousers; pair of dark blue silk shoes. NB: Door of Hope dolls were created at the Door of Hope Mission in Shanghai, China from 1901-1949. At the beginning of the 20th century, destitute young Chinese women dressed carved wooden-head dolls in the costumes representing the various classes of people in their country. The heads were produced by carvers from the Ning-Po region. Their hand-made clothing, made by the girls of the Mission, represents exact costuming for different classes of Chinese people; there are 25 dolls in the series.
Estimate: £80 - £120 Sold For: £300
Wooden scratch built vintage doll's house, finished in white pebble dash with green paintwork, opens at front and rear to reveal six rooms on two storeys with central staircase, sealed roof space with six dormer windows, requires a little repair, 24"/61cm tall x 28"/71cm long x 16"41cm wide.
Estimate: £20 - £40 Sold For: £110
Robertson's golly memorabilia, including: shop display stand (constructed from card)- Golly, it's good!, Robertson's Marmalade shelf talker, Robertson's Makers of Fine Preserves paper bag, assorted tokens, Golly pendant x 2 (one with chain), three golly tin badges, golly keyring, guitar pin, three tin Noddy badges, Fair to Excellent; (qty).
Estimate: £20 - £30 Sold For: £140
Robertson's golly badges, collection, including: Lifeboatman (with certificate, boxed); Decades set of seven (missing 1970s); acrylic fruits; plus other 1970s / 1980s; felt wall hanger; Good to Near Mint; (73).
Estimate: £70 - £90 Sold For: £300