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Beanie Bonanza!

Remember the heady times of the late 1980’s – early 1990’s when kids would rush to their local gift shop the moment a whisper went around that a Beanie Baby delivery was imminent?  Frenzied tackling worthy of a league rugby player ensured you could lay claim to the latest Valentino rather than one of the more common editions. 

Created by H Ty Warner who has set up Ty Inc in 1986 to market Beanie Babies, he promoting them to become a worldwide phenomenon. Each piece was limited in production to heighten demand and ensure collectors raced to guarantee they did not miss the next release. Being fairly affordable also meant collectors, primarily children could amass a large quantity with ease.

Store Loyalty Schemes, Collector Clubs and a Beanie Magazine gave longevity to what could have been a short-term fad.

Although the initial madness has long since died down and Ty Inc has evolved and added many other lines to its portfolio, Beanies are still going strong for new collectors and those that can well remember the excitement of clutching that one small furry bundle you managed to grab from under the nose of a fellow Beanie aficionado.

Vectis have several lots of Beanie Babies in the Doll and Bear Sale on Wednesday 29th April 2020. These include Beanies, Buddies, Beanie Kids, Beanie Boppers plus Beanie Babies Official Club Platinum pack, magazines, club materials and old price lists.

There are variants, rarer editions, seasonal and early pieces which are offered in group lots, this will provide collectors with a great chance to add to their existing collections or even start a new one.

Lot 6145 - Collection of TY Beanie BabiesLot 6146 - TY Beanie Kids x twenty-four, England Beanie Boppers x sixLot 6147 - TY Beanie Buddies x thirty-threeLot 6152 - TY Beanie Babies x forty

Lot - 6158 TY Beanie Babies x fifty-oneLot 6164 - TY Beanie Babies FIFA World Cup Bears Japan 2002 set of thirty-twoLot 6352 - TY Beanie Baby Bears x fifty-eight Lot 6353 - TY Beanie Babies x thirty-six and three Beanie Buddies

Click on the link here to access the lots –

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Vectis +44 (0) 1642 750616.