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Vectis Auctions will hold its inaugural Book & Works on Paper Auction Sale on Tuesday 15th September 2020, showcasing over 200 lots containing in excess of 10,000 individual volumes spanning over 85 years of publication. Many volumes are in immaculate “unread” condition, the bulk of the sale being formed from an extensive World class collection of Science Fiction / Fantasy volumes & part-works collected over a 50+ year span from sources spanning the globe.

Highlights Include:

  • Science Fiction & Fantasy – A huge reference collection of international importance featuring: numerous epoch defining volumes from classic authors such as: Asimov, Heinlein, Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Arthur C. Clarke, Terry Pratchett, Etc. Publication dates range from the 1930’s – 2010’s

         Science Fact – Various Publications from such as: NASA, Time Life Series & Scientific Part Works, Etc.


Monthly Issue Science Fiction & Fantasy Story “magazines” (both U.S. & U.K. Editions) early issues date from the 1930’s through the “golden age” (1940’s-50’s) to the early 2000’s. Many early issues are complete with superb examples of specially commissioned full colour cover artwork in the style of the time.


  • Military History – A large selection notable for its comprehensive collections detailing the armed forces / conflicts involving the State of Israel (1947-2000’s) & the Austro-Hungarian Empire (16th – Early 20th Centuries)


A very desirable selection of Rare & Signed Aviation Titles / Prints – Including many multiple signings (mostly in the 1980’s/1990’s) by surviving WW2 aircrew / aces from the United States, Britain & the Commonwealth & German Air Forces, the majority of whom are now no longer with us.


  • A large Section of TV/Film related publications featuring many works including: Dr. Who (featuring all its incarnations), Thunderbirds, Star Trek (again featuring all its forms), Star Wars, Etc.


Part 2 containing more of the same will follow on October 27th 2020.

Vectis are the world’s foremost auction house for collectable items.  For over 25 years they have been at the forefront of collectable toys they are now expanding their expertise to cover collectable & rare books.

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