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25th May Sale - Specialist Sale to include Slot Cars

One for the petrol heads, all the speed, just in smaller scale!

This superb group of slot cars and related items is to be sold on  Wednesday 25th May at Vectis Auctions.

The collection includes pieces from the UK, France, Spain, Russia and Hong Kong dating from the early 1960’s through to those of more modern production.

There are mint, boxed models ready to be displayed and admired to loose, more playworn vehicles that have seen plenty of racing action. 

Looking for something a bit special, there is a rare black Aston Martin DB4 Marshal car, although unboxed it is a sought after model. 

Boxed and in superb condition is the Triang Auto Union 1936 model in rare yellow colourway.

If you want to get a set to get started then the auction includes a few boxed sets with two, and the more unusual four vehicles included.

Get ready for light out for the sale on Wednesday 25th May 2022 

SCX 1/32 Racing System 80820 Off-Road Set with desert effect track, various obstacles with 2 x cars, controller, transformer and instructions - overall Excellent but not checked for completeness in generally Good Plus box.
Estimate: £80 - £120 Sold For: £70
Scalextric (Spain) 4052 Ferrari B-3 F1 - blue, racing number 20 - Nicki Lauda - Good Plus (has had new pick-ups fitted in Good Plus original card box with inner card packing.
Estimate: £50 - £70 Sold For: £40
Scalextric (France) C59 BRM - red, racing number 12 - glue showing through racing numbers so have darkened otherwise Good Plus in Good original card box with inner packing.
Estimate: £50 - £60 Sold For: £120
Scalextric (Made in Hong Kong) unboxed pair (1) C83 Sunbeam Tiger - yellow, racing number 3, "Race-Tuned"; (2) similar but blue, tan tonneau, racing number 8 - Good to Good Plus unboxed. (2)
Estimate: £40 - £50 Sold For: £120
Scalextric Copy Model (Made in USSR) C17 Lamborghini - yellow, black, racing number 3 - unusual model - generally Good Plus unboxed.
Estimate: £30 - £40 Sold For: £40
Scalextric U31 Set Model Motor Racing comprising C11 Super Electra - orange, racing number 5 and C10 Javelin - blue, racing number 7, with 2 x controllers, various track pieces and accessories, instruction sheet - not checked for completeness but generally Good (missing inner packing), box lid is generally Good with some creasing - unusual numbered set.
Estimate: £40 - £60 Sold For: £60
Scalextric Set 60 "With Lights" Model Motor Racing - cars fitted with head & tail lights comprising of C68 Aston Martin DB4 GT - green, tan interior, racing number 4; C69 Ferrari GT250 Berlinetta - blue, red interior, racing number 4 together with 3 x controllers, track pieces, bank supports, card cut-outs and envelope with some instructions, with card inner packing - all generally Good to Good Plus, outer box lid does have some splits and repairs but otherwise generally Fair. Hard to find set in any condition.
Estimate: £60 - £80 Sold For: £140
Scalextric Set 90 (4-model set) comprising C75 Mercedes 190SL - blue, white tonneau, racing number 9; C74 Austin Healey 3000 - red, tan tonneau, racing number 4; C81 Cooper - red, racing number 6 and C82 Lotus - blue, racing number 2 together with various track pieces and accessories including chicane, lap counter section, 2 x controllers, banking supports, fencing, card cut-outs, original instructions, with inner card packaging - overall Good to Excellent, box lid is Fair but does have splits to side and corners have been previously repaired. Hard to find set in any condition.
Estimate: £80 - £120 Sold For: £110
Scalextric vintage Racing Car C71 Auto Union 1936 - yellow, green spoked wheels, racing number 2, with instruction sheet - has had some very light use but still overall Excellent in Good to Good Plus lift-off lid box with inner card packing (lid has split on one corner). Hard to find model.
Estimate: £80 - £120 Sold For: £380
Scalextric C68 Aston Martin DCB4 GT "Marshall" - black with white body stripes, ivory interior, yellow driver, white roof beacon - overall Good with some wear to base etc, unboxed. Hard model to find in any condition.
Estimate: £60 - £80 Sold For: £130