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Friday 19th November 2021 10: 00am

Unboxed OO Gauge Wagons

Unboxed OO Gauge Wagons, some have been repainted by various manufacturers including Wrenn Railways, Triang and others to include Triang R781 NER boxed Coke Wagon, Wrenn Claycross Hopper, Twining Open Wagon, Findus Fish Van, LMS Brake Van, Express Parcels Van, Hornby Dublo repainted Box Van, Triang Converter Wagon Horse Box, VAT 69 Hopper Wagon, Long Wheelbase Box Van plus others, also in lot 5 x Triang black switches, most wagons have Hornby Dublo type couplings fitted, conditions are Fair to Good. (19)

Estimate: £40 - £60

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