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Friday 27th September 2019 10:30am


Meccano/Bassett-Lowke, Bonds and other commercial manufactures catalogues and associated items consisting of a Meccano Products Catalogue 1928/1929 "The Boy's Treasure Book" 24-page with colour front and back, stamped for retailer WCT Grey & Co Colombo Street Christchurch (New Zealand). The catalogue shows a range of Meccano, Hornby O Gauge Trains all showing Stirling prices. Hornby Trains/Meccano Known all Around The World 1937, 72-page catalogue showing the range of products, 2 x late issue Bassett-Lowke catalogues, one showing a range of Hornby Dublo, Trix, Triang, 2-rail and other products, 3 x Bonds Catalogues for 1946/47, 1952/53 and one other. The lot also includes 20 x Meccano Centennial 2001 commemorative stamped sheet. An interesting collection generally Good to Excellent. (8)

Estimate: £40 - £50

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