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Tuesday 15th June 2021 10:00am

Matchbox Superfast pair of Twin Packs

Matchbox Superfast pair of Twin Packs (1) TP-1 containing 1a Mercedes LP Covered Truck & 2a Mercedes LP Covered Trailer "Transcontinental Haulage Co" - both are red body with lemon yellow canopy, 4-spoke wide wheels with black twin rivet axle clips, truck has dark blue windows, black grille & base without the year 1978 cast - Mint (canopies a little loose within blisters) in Excellent factory sealed blister pack with small tear to bottom edge; (2) TP-12 containing 18a Field Car - military green body with embossed rather than solid interior roof cross, red & blue letter A door labels, tan smooth roof, black interior, matt black base, black 4-spoke wheels and 20b Range Rover Police Patrol - military green body with Police labels (from 55b Mercury Commuter Police Car), clear frosted windows, orange spinner & roof light, bare metal base, black Maltese Cross wheels - Near Mint to Mint in Good Plus factory sealed blister pack with some creasing to backing card. (2)

Estimate: £60 - £70

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