Friday 23rd July 2021 10: 00am


Hornby (China) Goods Wagons comprising 12 x Hornby Road Show 6-plank Open type (R6189 2002, R6258 2004, R6285 2005, R6322 2006, 2 x R6356 2007, R6426 2008, R6476 2009, R6502 2010, R6531 2011, R6611 2013 , R6684 2014, all are limited editions of 1000 produced of each type and a sticker showing the issue number from the back of each box, conditions are Near Mint to Mint in Excellent Plus to Near Mint boxes, also in lot R6772 7-plank Open Wagon, this is a Hornby Visitor Centre issue, R6075 BR Lowmac with load, R6082 GWR Conflat with container, R6084 EWS HEA Hopper, R6085 BR Mineral Wagon, conditions are Excellent to Excellent Plus in Excellent to Excellent Plus boxes. (17)

Estimate: £70 - £90

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