Thursday 17th September 2020 10:00am


Dr. Who, Star Trek and similar a quantity of TV Related Posters, Magazines and similar to include a large glass framed poster "Dr. Who" measuring approx 91cm high x 64cm wide, a glass framed Star Trek "The Next Generation" poster "Romulan Encounter" measuring approx 63cm wide x 43cm in height, a nice framed Star Trek "Enterprise Legacy Plaque" which has a certificate of authenticity stuck to the rear and is a limited number of 1688 of 9500, a large poster (boarded but not framed) Star Trek "Communicator-To Boldly Go" measuring approx 90cm wide x 60cm high along with other interesting items. Also to include in this lot is a small number of "Dr. Who Weekly" magazines which range from Issue No.2 through to Issue No.40 (this in not a complete run) along with a number of "Star Trek" fridge magnets and other items. Conditions all generally range from Fair to Good. (qty)

Estimate: £20 - £30

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