Thursday 23rd September 2021 10: 00am

Dorothy Dunnett's Pollocks Original Victorian Theatre

Dorothy Dunnett's Pollocks Original Victorian Theatre, British, 1947, Bakelite, plus Pollock's Miniature Stage Lighting Set (with instructions), along with a collection of hand-drawn and painted sets and characters for her performances of operettas including The Mikado. Plays include The High Toby, Pollock's Douglas, Aladdin. Booklets include Pollocks A Penny Plain and Twopence Coloured / Robert Louis Stevenson, The Model Theatre / Jan Bussel, An Illustrated Record by The Sphere of the Gilbert & Sullivan Operas 1939. This lot was originally sold at Thomson, Roddick & Metcalf, on Saturday 17 August 2002. It is a fascinating collection of original art and working drawings, notes etc. NB: Dorothy Dunnett OBE was a Scottish historical novelist and portrait painter. The following is taken from Bill's Dunnett Blog. Thoughts about the best historical fiction ever written. "Theatre. The first entertainments devised by Dorothy in her childhood and early adulthood centred on her beloved toy theatre. Initially using the characters and equipment supplied by toyshops, she graduated to designing and making her own sets, lighting and characters for entire productions, and latterly would divert her family with miniature performances of operettas such as ‘The Mikado' (with music from her 78 rpm record collection) complete with an interval during which she would serve refreshments appropriate to the fictional setting. This collection includes extensive sets and characters, preparatory sketches and production notes."

Estimate: £60 - £80

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