Wednesday 8th May 2019 10:30am

Corgi GS41

Corgi GS41 "Transporter" Gift Set to include Ford Holmes Transporter - orange, grey with blue Trailer, cast hubs - includes 6 x Cars (1) Rover 2000 - metallic maroon, spun hubs; (2) Hillman Imp - metallic bronze, pale cream interior, white side flashes, spun hubs; (3) Ford Consul Cortina Super Estate Car - blue, off white interior, wood effect side panels, spun hubs; (4) Morris Mini Minor - pale blue, red interior, spun hubs; (5) BMC Mini Cooper S "Rallye Monte Carlo" - red including interior, white roof with 2 x facsimile signatures and (6) Morris Mini Cooper "Wickerwork" - black body, red roof, lemon interior, "Wickerwork" side and rear panels, cast hubs - conditions appear to be generally Good Plus to Excellent Plus - Car Transporter is Excellent Plus, inner polystyrene tray is Good (grubby around base) with a Good lift off lid - see photo.

Estimate: £320 - £360

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