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Wednesday 16th February 2022 10: 00am

Corgi GS23 Gift Set "Chipperfield's Circus" -

Corgi GS23 Gift Set "Chipperfield's Circus" - (1st issue) containing Smith's Mobile Booking Office - red, blue, spun hubs; 2 x Animal Cages - red, yellow, blue, spun hubs; Scammell 6-wheeled Crane Truck - red, yellow ballast, silver jib, blue including hubs; Land Rover - red, blue metal tilt, lemon interior, spun hubs, metal tow hook and Elephant Cage on Trailer - finished in red, blue, spun hubs with brown elephant cage containing figure - contents are generally Good Plus to Excellent Plus still lovely bright examples, inner polystyrene tray is Excellent Plus, carded base is Excellent in a generally Good Plus to Excellent (couple of small marks on top) lift off lid detailed picture box - see photo.

Estimate: £360 - £420

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