Julian Royse

Julian Royse

Matchbox and Vintage Diecast Specialist

Julian has been with Vectis on and off since day 1 in 1996 he has currently been with us for 9 years, having returned as a Specialist in Matchbox models particularly 1950s to 80s period toys. He is also one of our auctioneers.

Julian is an avid collector himself collecting 50s-80s period toys, particularly toys from his own childhood that he would have played with as a child. He has been a collector for as long as he can remember, from being a small boy of 10, when he bought his first Matchbox book.

One piece of collecting advice Julian would give would be to buy what you like, what means something to you personally, price is irrelevant, buy the best condition you can afford at the time and don’t take it too seriously.

He believes collectables of the future will be items that bring back memories for the buyer, such as mobile phones, items that make people nostalgic.

Julian has been involved with a number of high value collections at Vectis and has catalogued and auctioneered some world record price items, and is regularly interviewed and quoted in Newspapers and articles.

Julian would prefer not to be referred to as an “Expert”, he prefers to say he has knowledge and is learning all of the time, it is impossible to know it all!

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