Jon Gouder

Jon Gouder

Operations Manager

Jon has worked for Vectis since October 2022. His area of expertise is business advice, development and project management, having managed departments in the Third, Public and Private sector. Jon has a diploma in Leadership and Management as well as qualifications in Business startup/development and has project managed, local, national and international projects.

Other than working at Vectis, Jon is a keen collector of retro video games which he has been doing for over 25 years. This most treasured item is a rare Sega Nomad handheld released in the USA, but still enjoys playing Sega, Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox classics.

One piece of advice he would offer collectors on retro video games is “With video games and other collectables, condition is everything. Buy the best condition you can afford and remember to check instruction manuals for missing pages, creases and if there is pen written on them. Back in the day, manuals were used to write down cheat codes, maps and special moves, always check!”

Jon belongs to several retro Video Games Facebook groups, including Retro Games Forever, Retro Gaming 101 and other CRT TV restoration groups and visits retro gaming events and arcades.

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