Ian Dilley

Ian Dilley

General Cataloguer

Ian first started with Vectis in 1996 and was present for the first auction, he worked for the company for thirteen years in various roles, including photography, advertising and dispatch.  He left to pursue other avenues before returning in May this year.

Ian has worked in a number of departments over the years, however he is currently working as a General Cataloguer, specialising in modern collectable diecast including Corgi, Matchbox, Lledo etc, plus vintage play worn and Scalextric, his passion is with Motorsport items.

Ian is another collector of his childhood toys and is about a quarter of the way through collecting the toys he had as a child, his favourites being and Iron Duke Hornby Passenger train set and a Meccano Military Multikit.  His advice would be to buy the things you like and have a connection with and what you can afford. He believes Star Wars related items will still be the collectables of the future as the franchise is still going strong and has a lot of pulling power.

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