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Simon Clark

11th Jul 2017

Military, Civilian Figures, Equipment and Accessories Specialist

Simon Clark

Simon started at Vectis Auctions in 2003 when he came to enquire about auctioning his Toy Soldier collection. He ended up being involved with the cataloguing of the collection himself and has remained the Specialist in all things Military, Civilian Figures, Equipment and Accessories.

Simon has been a "Collector" of Toy Soldiers / Military Miniatures since the early 1960's however his collecting interests these days lie in Antiquarian books.

“In all these years you would think that I have probably "seen it all" but the sheer variety and quality of material means that in fact there is always "something new" to research, value and describe; a facet of working at Vectis that always keeps the job fresh and exciting. As does meeting the huge variety of people, Vendors, Customers and fellow Professionals involved in the auction process.”

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