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The Tinplate and General toy sale to be held on the 22nd of June starts with 153 lots of tinplate and plastic, including pre and post war Triang Minic cars, lorries, buses and trains. There are Wells tinplate clockwork vehicles, items from Mettoy, Lehmann, Triang, Mobo, plus other German, Spanish, Russian, American and further manufacturers. There is a nice selection of large scale scratch/kit built boats, plus smaller boats and pond yachts. The sale will also include scarce Tipp & Co Mercedes models, and Japanese made friction drive cars. The General Toys include Corgi, Oxford Diecast, EFE, Lledo, Matchbox, Lansdowne and many more, including Heavy Haulage and Aviation Archive. The sale will include military war gaming figures, ships and aircraft; Atari boxed games, 7” and 12” vinyl records, cabinets, books, DVDs, and board games, plus much much more.


Tipp & Co (Tippco of Germany) 1955 Mercedes 220S tinplate Saloon Car - off-white with greyish green roof, tinprinted interior with driver figure, steerable front wheels with friction motor to rear, very light age related wear to the bright plated window surrounds and small crease near the boot area but the model does include its radiator mascot and is otherwise an Excellent scarce example and comes in a Fair plain card box stamped 1120F, 12.5"/32cm long.
Estimate: £1000 - £1400
SSS (Japan) impressive 1961 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special - large scale tinplate friction drive model is black, detailed tinprinting to interior, substantial motor to rear wheels with steerable front wheels, some minor paint loss and would benefit from more detailed cleaning - otherwise Excellent, 17"/43cm long and comes in a Good card box although there are some tape repairs to the lid - a very rare model becoming harder to find.
Estimate: £900 - £1200
Substantial kit/scratchbuilt "Hibernia" Steam Tugboat - impressive model - brown lower hull with black upper, wooden deck is painted green, simulated planking to the plastic hull interior, a well detailed model with figures, possibly approx 1/32nd scale. The detail includes Fire Fighting Equipment to the upper section of the mast. The brown superstructure is removable in 2 sections to give access to some previous radio control equipment to the interior, untested and unchecked for completeness. May have some loose/missing fittings but otherwise appears Good Plus to Excellent for display and is mounted on a wooden stand and does include operating rudder rand rear single propeller, a heavy model, 45"/115 cm long.
Estimate: £150 - £200
Tipp & Co (Tippco of Germany) 1957 Mercedes 220S Convertible - tinplate friction drive car finished in beige, with matching tinprinted interior and dashboard, clear plastic glazing, bright plated parts, steerable front wheels, and includes the 3 pointed star radiator mascot - otherwise Near Mint to Mint very scarce example, 12.5"/32cm long and comes in a Excellent illustrated card box.
Estimate: £1000 - £1400
KNK (Japan) large scale pressed steel model of a Military Jeep - designed to be radio controlled, of substantial construction, fitted with a Chikyudo or similar petrol engine, water cooled engine with fan, battery-operated lighting, fold down windscreen, opening bonnet with spring loaded catches, together with a canvas tilt, lacks rear spare wheel, and is unchecked for either operation or completeness but is otherwise a Good Plus to Excellent very rare example for display which even retains a Good cardboard box with illustrated lid and a number of illustrated instruction leaflets (text in Japanese), 21"/53cm long.
Estimate: £1000 - £1200
Haji (Japan) very rare Ford Sunliner tinplate friction drive Opentop Car - circa 1955, red lower with cream upper, matching tinprinted interior, bright plated parts, minor corrosion to the steering wheel and minor age related marks near the rear lamps - otherwise overall an Excellent scarce example fitted with steerable front wheels from the steering wheel, 11.5"/30cm long. The first such example that Vectis have had and comes in a plain cardboard box.
Estimate: £900 - £1100
Marusan (Japan) tinplate Chevrolet Bel Air 2-door Sedan circa 1954 - very scarce friction drive model car, 11"/29cm long, orange lower with yellow roof, detailed tinprinted interior, bright plated parts, some slight retouching to some of the window pillars and to a small scratch above a rear wing, 1 cm gap to one of the white side flashes over the rear wheels - otherwise an Excellent bright example fitted with steerable wheels and substantial friction drive motor. All is contained in a Good quality reproduction card box.
Estimate: £700 - £800
Lehmann (Germany) 590 Autobus - tinplate clockwork Double Decker Opentop Bus dating from 1907 to 1945 period, finished in red/yellow with white roof, tinprinted wood effect detail to interior seating, includes uniformed driver figure and steering wheel, spoked wheels, intricate staircase detail to rear, clockwork motor in working order, some age related wear to some of the some of the edges and high spots - otherwise a Good Plus scarce example which has survived remarkably well, 8.5"/21cm long.
Estimate: £400 - £600
Triang (UK) "E-type Jaguar" pressed steel Pedal Car circa 1963 - has been restored to a Good standard in metallic blue Hammerite style finish with silver seat, lacks hub caps but does include the lattice style spoked wheels and white steering wheel together with white plastic half bumpers to front and rear and an "Jaguar E-type" badge to front. The pedals, running gear and steering are in working order, 42"/106cm long with LBL 4242 registration number to rear although lacks the windscreen assembly. Becoming harder to find.
Estimate: £150 - £200
Large "Masai Mara" Steam Tugboat model - impressive kit/scratchbuilt model, appears approx 1/32nd scale, with brick red lower hull and black upper, plank detail to the wooden deck, the hull appears to be a fibre glass moulding, the well detailed white superstructure is in 2 parts and is removable for access to the hull interior where there is a quantity of radio controlled gear, sound equipment etc. This equipment untested and unchecked for completeness but the model may have some loose or missing parts but otherwise Good Plus for display, still retaining twin rear brass propellers and operating rudder. The whole vessel is mounted on a wooden stand, 45"/114cm long, a heavy model.
Estimate: £140 - £180