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The James Bond Anniversary collection to be held on the 9th of August features a large collection of Corgi Juniors boxed and unboxed vehicles and gift sets, Corgi Aston Martin and Lotus Esprit variations, plus other vehicles from the films. Further items include Collectables Magazine Limited Editions sets, Danbury Mint, Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Autoart and Eidai Grip, plus tinplate and plastic models from Gama, Gilbert and others. The sale will also include Icon figures, weapons and accessories, Road Race sets, character and action toy sets, figures, puppets, board games and jigsaws, plastic kits, Scalextric and slot cars, plus catalogues, ephemera, press packs, autographs, brochures, books and DVDs.


Corgi Juniors 3008 "Crime Busters" Gift Set which includes "James Bond" Aston Martin DB5 silver, cast detailed hubs, "The Man From Uncle" blue, detailed cast hubs; "Batman" Batmobile black, knobbly grey plastic wheels and Batboat black, orange, gold trailer with knobbly grey plastic wheels - conditions appear to be generally Excellent to Excellent Plus (some very slight surface corrosion to bare metal part and trailer), inner plastic tray and outer window box are generally Good to Good Plus (the outer carded window box is Good Plus still in original factory shrink wrap) - see photo.
Estimate: £500 - £700
Scalextric - “James Bond 007” Slot Car Race Set to include Aston Martin DB5 white, red interior (without roof panel), Mercedes 190SL black, red interior, 2 x figures - set also includes various track and accessories with correct “007” instruction envelope set - contents are generally Fair to Excellent including cars inner packing pieces are Good Plus outer lift off lid is Fair still a bright example of a hard to find issue set see photo.
Estimate: £800 - £900
Bandai 130137 - "James Bond" - tinplate/plastic battery operated remote control Aston Martin DB5 silver-grey, red interior with "James Bond & Bandit" figures - Excellent Plus, beautiful example in a Fair colourful lift off lid box in a packing tray - see photo - extremely rare issue.
Estimate: £400 - £500
Gilbert/ASC - "James Bond" tinplate/plastic battery operated Aston Martin DB5 finished in silver-grey, with "James Bond & Bandit" figures, chrome and silver trim - overall conditions generally Good Plus (does have some small marks on passenger door) still a lovely bright example in a Good to Good Plus lift off lid picture box with inner polystyrene packing pieces - also comes complete with "James Bond 007" yellow, black and red tag - see photo.
Estimate: £340 - £420
Lone Star "James Bond 007" - Sniper's Rifle - finished in black, gold - overall condition is generally Good Plus, still a lovely bright example in a generally Good to Good Plus colourful carded box.
Estimate: £400 - £500
Multiple Toy Makers "James Bond 007" Shooting Attache Case - this RARE TO FIND set includes Pistol, Butt, Code-o-Matic Pullout Dagger, plus much more - overall condition is generally Excellent, inner vacuumed tray is Good Plus to Excellent (couple of small marks), outer black plastic attache case is Excellent - all contained in a generally Good hard to find colourful lift off lid box - see photo.
Estimate: £500 - £700
KSS "James Bond" Secret Agent "007" Set to include Gun, Riflestock, Scope, Silencer and Bullets - contents appear to be generally Near Mint to Mint, inner carded tray is Good Plus (couple of very small stains) all contained in Good Plus colourful lift off lid box - see photo.
Estimate: £400 - £600
Multiple Toy Makers 5094 "James Bond" - Secret Mission Kit - includes Pistol, 2-way Holster; Palm Gun; Code-o-Matic, Calling Cards - contents appear to be generally Good Plus to Near Mint, all contained in a generally Fair to Good presentation attache style box (does have some small stains and marks on front and edges) - see a bright example of a hard to find issue set.
Estimate: £500 - £600
Gilbert 19750 "James Bond 007" Road Race Set containing "Aston Martin and Ford Mustang" cars, plastic diorama set contains 6 pieces plus various accessories - conditions are generally Fair to Excellent (not checked for correctness) in a Fair harder to find "Sears" colour picture box with correct "Sears" flash - see photo.
Estimate: £400 - £500
Triang TG4 "James Bond" - "007" Underwater Battle taken from the film "Thunderball" - "Largo vs James Bond" - this game includes board, 9 x red and white divers, 9 x black/silver divers plus various accessories (contents not checked for correctness) - conditions are generally Excellent to Excellent Plus, packing pieces are Fair to Good Plus, lift off lid is Fair - still a bright example of a hard to find issue set.
Estimate: £300 - £500