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The Dolls and Teddy Bear sale held on the 30th of May started at the earlier time of 10am. The sale included bears from Steiff, Hermann-Spielwaren, Artists bears, Deans Rag book; Charlie bears - including collections from The Elves and the Shoemaker and the Pied Piper; Merrythought plus JK Farnell vintage teddy bears, a set of the red, white and blue vintage Campbell bears. Plus American and German vintage bears including an extremely rare Gebruder Bing 1908-1910 teddy. Also in the sale were a good selection of dolls including bisque, felt, vinyl, hard plastic, composition and porcelain, from designers and manufacturers such as Annette Himstedt and Armand Marseille, with teenage fashion dolls including Sindy, Pippa and Barbie, plus TV dolls ABBA, Boy George and Twiggy; and a selection of Neue Munchner kinderpuppen artist dolls. Further items in the sale included dolls houses, furniture and accessories, a large collection of TY beanie babies, Care Bears and a large selection of Widdop & co Eggcellent dad gifts smashable savings pots, and Wade Collectors Club 1998 trade boxes of figurines and money boxes.

Gebruder Bing extremely rare vintage teddy bear, German, 1908-1910, early "PATENT" gold, red and black lithographed tin registration button under left arm (identical in design to buttons also found on Bing bears which have the words "DRPa div DRGM" printed on them, also in a similar fount in gold outlined in black and on a red background), golden mohair, brown and black glass eyes, shaven muzzle, black vertically stitched nose, early all-in-one ears and round head design, fully jointed, felt pads (repaired with remains of some original felt- both foot pads have remains of purple oval inked stamp which is indistinct... perhaps S.043), black claw stitching, worn, faded and discoloured overall, some areas of balding especially to top of head and lower limbs, partially operative tilt growler, stuffing shifted at base of neck, Fair Plus to Good, 25"/64cm. NB: Reference Gebruder Bing Bears & Toys, by Ken Yenke, Schiffer Publishing Limited.
Estimate: £1000 - £2000 Sold For: £1300
Set of three red, white and blue vintage "Campbell Bears", British, attributed to Farnell, 1914-1920, also known as Soldier Bears, many were taken to war as love tokens from sweethearts during the Great War, each in red, white and blue mohair, clear glass eyes with black pupils and remains of brown painted backs, pipe cleaner ears, black noses, fully jointed, metal pin joints, Excellent Plus to Near Mint, individually numbered 293, 294 and 295, with individually numbered card chest tags and booklets, vintage embroidered Union Jack pin flag and larger cotton Union Jack flag with Intelligence badge, all within a miniature brown leather suitcase, 3.5"/9cm. NB: These three bears are from a lot of 398 various miniature bears bought from Sotheby's in May 1999. They were all the childhood companions of twins David and Guy Campbell born on 18th January 1910; they were bought for them over a number of years by their grandmother. They gave the two boys great joy and many hours of play acting with them. The lot was bought by Leanda Harwood who divided the bears into 81 red, white and blue sets like this which were packaged together with the suitcase, booklets and swing tags. (Includes a copy of an advertisement found within the Millennium January 2000 edition of Teddy Bear Times magazine, describing the sale of these sets.)
Estimate: £800 - £1000 Sold For: £1500
Steiff vintage teddy bear, German, circa 1908, button, brass mohair, black boot button eyes, black vertically stitched nose, fully jointed, felt pads (foot pads original and paw pads are re-lined), black claw stitching, mohair is worn overall with some areas of balding and discolouration, inoperative tilt growler, Fair Plus to Good, wearing navy blue cotton sailor style jacket, 16"/41cm.
Estimate: £1400 - £1600 Sold For: £1500
Collection of eight vintage cats: (1) - (5) Black mohair / wool plush cats, standing, some with arched backs and bushy tail, including Chad Valley, clear glass eyes with black pupil and blue painted backs, largest 13.5"/34cm tall, smallest 5.5"/14cm tall; (6) Schuco Bigo-bello grey, white and black plush cat, with label, 9.5"/24cm; (7) Grey and cream mohair, amber and black glass eyes with white outer edges, 7"/18cm; (8) Small carton bodied cat, covered in black artificial silk plush, green and black glass eyes, 3.25"/8cm tall; Poor Plus to Good; (8).
Estimate: £40 - £50 Sold For: £280
Portobello Bear Company Sir Harry Fitz-Herbert artist teddy bear by Amy Goodrich (UK), brown sparse mohair OOAK teddy bear, black glass eyes, black vertically stitched nose, fully jointed, velvet pads, wearing khaki green cotton trench coat, emerald green moleskin cotton trousers, woollen scarf, carrying brass hunting horn, designed to have an aged appearance, with swing label certificate and Certificate of Authenticity, Near Mint, 24"/61cm.
Estimate: £80 - £120 Sold For: £340
British teddy bear, pre 1920s, named Spencer, golden mohair, black boot button eyes, black horizontally stitched nose, fully jointed, felt pads, black claw stitching, some wear to mohair, inoperative tilt growler, otherwise Good, 10"/26cm.
Estimate: £60 - £80 Sold For: £200
Simon & Halbig/Kammer & Reinhardt Mein Liebling bisque vintage character doll, German, c1911, impressed K * R Simon & Halbig 117 70, weighted brown eyes, closed mouth, brunette wig and pate, composition and wood ball jointed body, head has been cracked from front to back and repaired, wearing multi-layered cotton, lace and woollen garments, 29"/74cm.
Estimate: £60 - £80 Sold For: £380
Neue Munchner Kinderpuppen H 199 wooden artist designed doll by Elisabeth Pongratz, 83B4802P to sole of left foot, also incised NEUE MUNCHNER KINDERPUPPEN ELISABETH PONGRATZ to sole of right foot, with original swing label- pencil notation H199, hand carved wood five way jointed body, brunette human hair wig, blue hand painted eyes, costume is exquisitely hand made, wearing white cotton hand-knitted all-in-one, black knitted socks, black leather shoes, bottle green woollen skirt, red hand knitted jumper and matching beanie hat, garments have sewn-in cloth Pongratz embroidered labels, Mint, 14"/36cm. NB: Elisabeth Pongratz first started to make dolls in 1979.
Estimate: £200 - £300 Sold For: £750
Annette Himstedt Kleine Leleti club mini vinyl artist designed doll, 2003, Excellent Plus to Near Mint, 13.5"/34cm.
Estimate: £60 - £80 Sold For: £220
Dany-Baren Edward artist teddy bear by Daniela-Rebekka Melse (Germany), LE 2/3, golden mohair, black glass eyes, vertically stitched brown nose, fully jointed, felt pads, brown claw stitching, complete with swing label certificate, in the style of an old bear, shedding otherwise Good, wearing a blue and white striped sailor collar, 16.5"/42cm.
Estimate: £40 - £60 Sold For: £280
Charlie Bears Isabelle Collection panda bear, designed by Isabelle Lee, light with dark brown tip and blonde with brown tip curly mohair, MISSING swing label certificate, otherwise Excellent, 10"/25cm.
Estimate: £40 - £50 Sold For: £340