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Thursday 14th January 2021 10:00am

Tonka vintage Keypers: (1) Mishelle tortoise

Tonka vintage Keypers: (1) Mishelle tortoise, with purple key and brush; (2) Fancy snail, with pink key and brush, Footloose Finder; (3) Pearl snail, with brush; (4) Princess swan and Perkins, with key and brush; (5) Diamond pony and Dash, with purple key, brush and keyring; (6) Joyful bunny rabbit, with brush, key and keyring; (7) Blossom rabbit, with pink brush, hair clip; (8) Glitter pony; (9) Belle swan, with pink brush; (10) Bonnie Brella bear, pink brush, comb, keyring, bumble bee hair clip; (11) Poke tortoise; (12) Scamper squirrel; (13) Belle swan; (14) Taps ladybird; (15) Baby Keypers Secret Stroller Pram; (16) Baby Keypers Treasure Bed; (17) quantity of accessories- jewellery, etc; Fair Plus to Good Plus; (qty).

Estimate: £70 - £90

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