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Wednesday 29th April 2020 10:30am

Pedigree collection of vintage toys: (1) -

Pedigree collection of vintage toys: (1) - (4) Good Eggs Policeman, Fireman, Railwayman and Mechanic, all boxed; (5) small bag of loose Egg Man items; (6) Golden Egg on Stand dated 1979. These were given out to retailers visiting the Pedigree Factory. Percival Jones were retailers from Wales who signed and exchanged samples, signed on the base, May 1979.; (7) Pedigree Tiny Tots miniature boxed vinyl doll (arms need re-stringing); (8) Pedigree Playtime Number Scale, boxed; (8). NB: Good Eggs- These were designed by Don Levine of the Concept Design Corporation and were made in Germany.

Estimate: £25 - £35

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